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  1. kwtrading

    kwtrading New Member

    Already got a Nexus 7 for myself and last week gave one to my daughter for her 10th birthday. Looking for some suggestions on content filtering - especially for Google search and browsing on Chrome. Youtube filtering was also a concern but I went into the settings and changed the access to 'Strict' and the results appear to be fantastic. Searching common 'curiosity' words for that age brought up NO results - perfect! Also, we're ok with her downloading her own apps since we have the restrictions on that changed to whatever the most filtered one was (forget what it was called).

    So basically my wish list would be to filter Google search results and Chrome browsing. I didn't see anything in the settings for either of those to do this.

    Most of the add-on apps promising parental controls have mediocre ratings. One called Funamo has very good ratings. Free to try and one time $20 charge to continue. I'm fine with paying $20 for a reliable service but not sure if the specific features I'm looking for are already built into Jelly Bean and I don't know where to find them.

    Any help?

  2. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Hi kwtrading. :ciao: Welcome to the forums. :shakehands:

    You might want to check Google's Safety Center. I've just briefly scanned it but I see a section on Google SafeSearch that may be what you want.
  3. jasoraso

    jasoraso Well-Known Member

    I don't believe there are any specific controls built into jelly bean, but hopefully the integration of chrome in the nexus 7 will allow the Google search settings to carry through.

    Something I've done on my kids Android phones, however, is use an app that allows setting the dns on the phone. I've used setdns, and i think dns changer. I believe they both require root access. Setdns started having some problems with root access notifications, and that is when i switched apps.

    Using one of those apps, I set the dns on the phone to the family safe dns server. I think setdns actually has it as a built in option, on the other appi think i needed to enter the opendns server manually.

    If you don't know about opendns, and their family safe dns server, you can go to their website to learn more.

    by changing the dns server, attempting to go to websites that are known "adult" websites will fail.

    Hope this helps.
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  4. kwtrading

    kwtrading New Member

    Thanks both of your for the replies! I will check them both out later tonight.
    If anyone else has ideas, feel free to keep them coming.
  5. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    As a parent that gave an N7 to my 5yr old son, let me give you a couple of other tips. Pin Lock the Play market for purchases and in app purchases. I think it is in the same area as the content rating you already set. You can also do the same thing if you use the Amazon App Store.
  6. Tunji99

    Tunji99 Well-Known Member

    You can download a free app from Google Play called K9 web protection browser. It's a great app for protecting children from the dangers of the internet.

    Then go into your settings and disable Google Chrome and Google Search.
  7. andyk85

    andyk85 Member

    I used Funamo parental control for my kid's phone and Nexus7. K9 is OK, but it is not a very good browser. Funamo does web filtering with the Chrome browser, which is amazing. It also do safe search for google, youtube and market. You can add your own black list and white list. Another feature I really like is setting time limit for games. :) It is a paid app though but I think it is worth the money. Their web site is Funamo! - Best parental control for mobile devices and their app is at
  8. cammykool

    cammykool Well-Known Member

  9. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    How ironic. My son turns 10 in December, and I'm about to buy him a Nexus 7. I too have some concerns.

    Is there a way to establish an admin account, and then user accounts? I want my son to be able to install apps and surf as well as youtube, but I want it all controlled. I'd also like him to be able to do the lockscreen, but I don't want him to be able to lock me out of the lockscreen by changing the PIN.

    Can you setup more than one lockscreen PIN? Or can the lockscreen be turned off completely? I have an HTC EVO 4G and even with the Switchpro widget, turning off the lockscreen is a temporary thing. It always turns itself back on within a couple of hours.

    I'd prefer to run a higher level of admin access than he can run. I also wouldn't want him to uninstall apps...especially the ones that filter his content.
  10. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    I believe there are profile with 4.2, let me play with it this weekend and see what I can come up with
  11. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    I was able to toy with one at Office Depot this weekend. I saw that there are multiple user accounts, but it wasn't obvious to me how you setup user access, or create restrictions. It seemed like it was just to manage the desktop appearance for multiple users.

    Perhaps I should look into a Windows 8 tablet? Would you think that Windows would have brought over their admin, power user, and user account settings?
  12. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    I didn't get a chance to play with profiles myself. I do "know" there are ways to control access to different things in Android. I'm not sure about Windows 8 though it's a good bet there are. I'm not too versed in the Windows tablets though.:rolleyes:
  13. outcastrc

    outcastrc Well-Known Member

    My kids both have nexus 7's and the one thing I want to be able to do is set time limits / curfews on the tablets. Too many times they sneak the tablets into their rooms and stay up all night playing on them, or spend too many hours on them a day.

    I don't want to restrict them on the apps / surfing (albeit filtered) other then I locked the purchasing down so I can keep a handle on it.

    What I do want is a way to have the tablet lock up after so many hours, or to set a curfew.

    I have currently set my router up to allow only certain times they can access the internet. But that only stops some, not all apps and games. Parental controls in Windows 8 is fantastic. Wish I could find something similar in android...
  14. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    Check out the tasker forum here under Android Applications. I haven't used it myself, but my basic understanding of the app makes me think it would do what you want with curfews.
  15. outcastrc

    outcastrc Well-Known Member

    I have tasker on my phone. I'll give it a shot and see if I can't set something up.
  16. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    There some smart folks in the sub forum here on that
  17. tul9033

    tul9033 New Member

    Any updates on this? Looking for time limits and curfews specifically. Looks like the Kindle Fire does it out of the box so it is possible with Android.

  18. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Would any of the parental control apps work? Take a look at KidsCare

    This one might be more appropriate though: Kids Place
  19. dfmm2

    dfmm2 New Member

    K-9 protection

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