Nexus 7 rebooting After use of OTGSupport

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  1. nexusNewbie313

    nexusNewbie313 New Member

    Hi Nexus-ers,

    I just got my OTG from amazon, used it for ethernet connection, it starts working but when i try to use the nexus with it, crashes and reboots, did happen during skype but happened during chrome use and trying to watch shows on Viki. I dont have this problem when im connected to net on wifi or BT.

    Can a cable be causing the crashes or is the nexus not build for ethernet use in general?

    i was on 4.2.0 and upgraded to 4.2.2 today in hopes it wouldnt happen again, but it did. Now Im afraid to use the OTG, has anyone else had this issue?

    I do not have the hd widgets app installed that caused others reboot issues, i just have the standard widgets.

    So the otg+ ethernet spark this reboot. Bummer.

  2. Claghorn

    Claghorn Well-Known Member

    I've had it crash if I was using stickmount and I pulled the usb connection without first telling stickmount to unmount the sdcard.
  3. nexusNewbie313

    nexusNewbie313 New Member

    I bought a new otg cable and my nexus still reboots when I try to use Ethernet! What's going on?

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