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  1. vgjfelix

    vgjfelix Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    I've started making youtube videos all about the Nexus 7 and I thought your community might find them useful. Some are reviews of different aspects of the device while others are short 1-2 minute(ish) app reviews on the best apps for the tablet.

    I'll also be adding hints and tips videos to the sticky thread too.

    I hope you enjoy them and find them useful.



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  2. vgjfelix

    vgjfelix Well-Known Member

    Next up, a tour of the Google Apps:

  3. vgjfelix

    vgjfelix Well-Known Member

    Here's an app that can split its keyboard depending on whether it's in portrait or landscape mode.

  4. vgjfelix

    vgjfelix Well-Known Member

    A question today. What is the Nexus 7? Maybe this highlight video will answer that

  5. vgjfelix

    vgjfelix Well-Known Member

    A case review for the Nexus 7 and a question as to whether you should use a case.

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  6. vgjfelix

    vgjfelix Well-Known Member

    A tour of Google Now in this video:

  7. vgjfelix

    vgjfelix Well-Known Member

    In this video I investigate the world of fonts, and where they're so small on the Nexus 7

  8. vgjfelix

    vgjfelix Well-Known Member

    Today's video is how to turn that micro usb slot into a USB slot and use different peripherals (with varying success).

  9. Covart

    Covart Well-Known Member

    It's great that you are trying to bump up your YouTube views, but when you tell people to download a paid app to rotate the home screen and some apps, because you are unaware that there is a simple toggle at the top of your notification center (which you pass right by in your video ironically) , you kinda lose credibility. And the rotate toggle is there 'right out of the box' unlike your claim at the beginning of your video. Also looks to me like you are pushing paid content providers or friends apps.
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  10. vgjfelix

    vgjfelix Well-Known Member

    My second 'Basics' videos covers that rotation toggle in notifications.
    Ultimate rotation allows you to rotate the homescreen which you can't do out of the box and a lot of people want this feature.
    Ultimate rotation is free to try and (if you watch my other videos, 95% of them are about free apps). If there was a free app that did this I would cover it.

    Hope that answers your queries.
  11. vgjfelix

    vgjfelix Well-Known Member

    Just a little something I'm putting together :)

  12. Covart

    Covart Well-Known Member

    Holy crap dude. CNET even did an article on this. You can rotate the screen on the Nex7 right out of the box. You see that icon at the top center of the NC? It's called a screen rotation toggle.
  13. CrackBaby

    CrackBaby Well-Known Member


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  14. vgjfelix

    vgjfelix Well-Known Member

    Yes, you are tilting the screen from a browser (i.e. an application). Press the home button and do that.

  15. FamousAmos

    FamousAmos New Member

    I understood you right away because I use Ultimate Rotation. Why? Because it allows you to rotate your home screens as you said, without installing a home launcher like Go Launcher or Apex. Sometimes I like my home screens to be in landscape mode and I was disappointed that the Nexus 7 didn't do that out of the box.

    Just to be clear, for those of you criticizing the OP, the toggle available on the notification pane lets you control screen rotation in all aspects other than when on the home screen.
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  16. vgjfelix

    vgjfelix Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the sanity check. For a second even I was starting to doubt myself :)
  17. Imposter

    Imposter Well-Known Member

    Interesting that your Google Now voice is male. Mine is female. Did you change it?
  18. Covart

    Covart Well-Known Member

    Here ya go.


  19. vgjfelix

    vgjfelix Well-Known Member

    Those look like custom icons to me. Which home launcher are you using?
  20. Covart

    Covart Well-Known Member

    Nova. And I alter and make my own icons. First thing I download on any android device is Nova Launcher.
  21. vgjfelix

    vgjfelix Well-Known Member

    That is your answer then. Nova Launcher is not out of the box. It's a custom launcher. You can't use custom icons on the default launcher. You can't tilt the homescreen on the default launcher. Downloading Nova launcher is not the first thing every android owners does.
  22. vgjfelix

    vgjfelix Well-Known Member

    The Amazon App Store has gone global so I thought it deserved a review:

  23. GandalfTehGray

    GandalfTehGray Well-Known Member

    May i make a suggestion for the thread? Can you just post the links please? Or possibly make it a playlist and post only the first full video thing then the links for specific videos under that? Ridiculous loading time otherwise. I was running 3 flash games but it also would lower the need to scroll through the posts.
  24. vgjfelix

    vgjfelix Well-Known Member

    Another UK-centric app today. Watch all your live UK TV in one app. TVCatchup

  25. vgjfelix

    vgjfelix Well-Known Member

    This is a compliation video of 10 apps for android tablets.


    The apps are.

    @0:00 Nexus 7 and Transformer Videos
    @1:15 Bubbleshoot
    @2:52 Dead Trigger
    @4:29 Swipepad
    @6:05 Tablified Market
    @7:24 Battery Widget Reborn
    @8:33 Flashify
    @9:38 Ultimate Screen Rotation
    @11:22 Perfect Keyboard
    @12:56 Amazon App Store

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