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Nexus 7 - Teething problems...Support

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  1. hammydbest

    hammydbest New Member

    I just got my Nexus 7 a few days ago, and I love it to bits. The hardware is beautiful (if a little disorienting without buttons at first) and feels good even if you disregard the price, which obviously makes it all the more attractive.

    Jellybean feels like a great update to using CM9 on my GSII, but I've had a few issues/questions that I was wondering if anybody else had experienced or had solutions too, because I couldn't find much help online already:

    1. Using the Google Now search (voice or typed) gives results as usual in the app, but when opening the result in chrome, most of the time opens the result twice... I definitely don't double tap or anything weird, but I'm getting this weird bug from the app...
    2. The email widget will occasionally just go blank and can't be used unless removed and re-added
    3. Adding large-ish (but still under 1GB) MKV files from Win7 causes Windows Explorer to crash. I don't have this problem doing the same thing on the GSII, leading me to believe it is the tablet's fault...
    4. This isn't really a problem, but is there a way to get flash to work without rooting/flashing a new rom. It is still a necessity on a lot of the web unfortunately, but it obviously doesn't work with chrome. The obvious first step was to sideload the apk, which worked fine but then I tried Dolphin, and they've disabled it too... firefox (beta for tablets) kept crashing when flash loaded... and the stock browser needs root apparently...
    5. Is there a way to change the google now response voice to the US female, as it sounds much more natural, without changing the whole system language to US English (from UK English). I tried changing just the TTS language, but that didn't work...

    Any help on any of the points would be greatly appreciated. They're only small things, but it kinda seems weird that stuff that works on CM9 (very close to stock ICS) is buggy on JB. I don't really want to root/flash a new rom either, as i'd rather keep it as it came from google...

  2. alextop30

    alextop30 Well-Known Member

    I can answer a couple of these.

    Number 1 is an annoying bug which I think everyone is getting. It just happens to open two windows. The thing that annoys me even further is that sometime it half loads the Page that it drops me at but I guess I can live with this.

    Number 2 I think this is also a known bug which I don't really think it is a very big problem because I find email widget pointless all of my email is in Gmail app or other email app and it is a lot more easily viewed from the app and now the notifications show part of the email so you really do not need it.

    As for the other ones I am not so familiar I have not needed to plug my tablet into my computer as you can use airdroid to transfer files over wifi. When I am home that's what I do because I hate fiddling with cables and (I do have a fiddler on the roof :) so).

    Flash unfortunately is not available and even though there is a way to use it if you are rooted but there are numerous problems which cause your device to reboot - unfortunately. I find this to be a bit more fortunate than not because you don't have to put up with the stupid flash commercials you see most of the time.

    Google now voice is what it is there is currently no way to change it and if there is I don't know it and I have tinkered it a lot because I want to get rid of this baseball game scores which I could not care less about.
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  3. eager27

    eager27 Well-Known Member

    Flash works fine if you side load it and use a browser that supports it like Firefox beta. No need to root at all.
  4. hammydbest

    hammydbest New Member

    Wow, okay so those first two are known bugs... They seem like quite pertinent ones... hopefully they'll be fixed soon.

    I definitely will try transfer over airdroid, but I'm just concerned that they are massive files and may take a lot longer.

    I just tried firefox beta again, but its still crashing with flash. I might just cycle through more browsers...

    Thanks guys... If anybody else has any other info, especially on the last 3 points, that would be awesome...
  5. alextop30

    alextop30 Well-Known Member

    I am going to test out the massive storage device tonight and see if mine acts the same way. I usually leave the files to get transferred over the air when I play basketball in the evening - so after 3 hours of workout usually I have 2 movies done :)
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