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  1. ashkell

    ashkell Member

    Anyone hear anything about release date of this one? I am waiting for it to sell my iPad and complete my switch over to android.

  2. spinedoc

    spinedoc Well-Known Member

    Tomorrow!! I can't wait to order mine.
  3. eerickson7

    eerickson7 New Member

    I too am impatiently waiting. What time do these things normally appear in the play store? Midnight (and in what time zone), morning?
  4. PhaseBurn

    PhaseBurn Active Member

    I'm sure Phandroid will post when they're available. I'm sure the Nexus 4, 10, and new 7s will all launch simultaneously.
  5. bob60626

    bob60626 Well-Known Member

    I already have an HSPA tablet, but I'll still be watching for reviews. Three hundred bucks is a lot just to get a compatible charger with my phone. :D
  6. En4cer2k11

    En4cer2k11 Well-Known Member

    Better question - will this device ever be sold in stores like the other versions? I don't like the idea of paying for shipping on top of tax AND waiting. Now I could live with a 32GB wifi version, but I would jump at the 3g model ONLY IF retailers got a hold of it.

    And another thing. The Google Play description specifically mentions AT&T as the 3g carrier. Does that mean mobile data is ONLY provided through AT&T and does that mean T-Mobile is excluded? That'll be a HUGE dealbreaker...
  7. ashkell

    ashkell Member

    on the Canadian site is says unlocked
  8. palmtree5

    palmtree5 Sunny Vacation Supporter! Moderator

    The way I read it, it will be shipped unlocked but they are including an AT&T sim card with it. Thus you should be able to get a sim from the carrier of your choice and use it
  9. En4cer2k11

    En4cer2k11 Well-Known Member

    "Nexus 7 comes with AT&T mobile broadband built right in, so you can browse the web or check e-mail on the go, even when you aren

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