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  1. abdiman

    abdiman New Member

    I recently updated my nexus to 4.2 and usually when the battery goes dead I stick it on charge and the battery charge up screen comes up with the black background. Now I put it on charge and it actually turns on straight away to the lock screen but then turns back off due to low battery. This continues to happen even though I've had it on charge for 2 hours.

    Does anyone think its the update? It never used to come on straight away to the lock screen before.

  2. JD914

    JD914 Active Member

    This has to do with a bug in 4.2. There are other people including myself that have had charging issues after the 4.2 update. I can no longer change on the stock charger because it either doesn't charge or charges very little. The only way I can now charge is with my Touchpad charger. If you read other forums you'll come across people with the same issue.
  3. JanComputerman

    JanComputerman Well-Known Member

    I think it always wakes up when plugged into a charger, even my Kindle Fire wakes up when plugged into charge. Try another charger and cord, it could be a bad charger and not the N7 update.

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