Nexus One Cracked Screen

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  1. surmanm

    surmanm New Member

    i am sad to say that my n1 screen cracked as well i did not drop it or anything just had it in my pocket not a scratch on the phone all of a sudden i saw a small hairline crack on the inside by the end of the night the phone was all purple and funky by next day my phone was black i sent it back to htc this was before my 14 days ended told them that i did nothing wrong to the phone didn't physically drop it they sent me an invoice to fix the phone and charged me $125 told me warranty doesn't cover this all of this took about a week and a half i got my phone back from them except now reading all these posts that im not the only one that this has happened to im thinking maybe i should sell my phone i cant imagine that its that easy to brake this screen !!

  2. WayneS

    WayneS Active Member

    It sounds like your LCD broke and not the glass screen. One of the Nexus phones that Cnet had did this same thing while sitting on a desk charging. I think they were able to get a warranty replacement.
  3. surmanm

    surmanm New Member

    yeah the glass screen was perfectly fine not s scratch one it the actually led screen had cracked i tried telling them it wasn't my fault and that the phone was in the case that it was just in my pocket they still basically told me that the warranty doesn't cover it and i have to pay to fix it i had actually checked now the total was $115.00 for repair and they didnt send me my original box that the phone came in :confused:

    on a happier not i just read this engadget on the phone seems to be pretty sturdy looking at these testes i have no idea how my phone broke its just weird

    Watch Nexus One get built, then beaten mercilessly -- Engadget
  4. edge

    edge Well-Known Member

    that sux
  5. AnotherFatalEpic

    AnotherFatalEpic Well-Known Member

    I wonder if he actually read that the LCD/Digitizer/ whateveritscalled under the glass screen was broken and not the actual glass on top.

    Or if he is spamming because he saw "cracked screen" and figured it was applicable?

    If they can fix the LCD for cheap with turnaround time of one business day, then fantastic. I was just wondering, though...
  6. androidtx

    androidtx Well-Known Member

    Dr Cellphone may be spamming or whatever, but I can attest to the fact that they do quality repairs. I know of a few people who have gone to the actual store and gotten their repair done, everything from cracked screens to water damage, they repair it, and do it well, for a good price. I have seen the repaired phones, and you would never know.
  7. malowney

    malowney Member

    I just want to add to the warnings about Nexus One -

    The HTC screen is completely crap, mine shattered within 35 days of owning it. No abuse, just general use. I see friends drop their iPhones on the street and they are fine. The HTC Nexus One LCD glass splintered into a hundred pieces just by sliding off a coffee table while charging.

    HTC will not stand by this product at all... they are trying to get $240 for a piece of glass (the LCD is fine). Their call center engages in petty games of trying to block calls and refusing supervisor access. I was left with no choice but to dispute the charge with my credit card company.

    I recommend that everyone stay away from this phone until the screen issue is resolved. Who can afford to pay $240 every time the phone gets bumped or rolled or takes a spill? Do they not understand what daily life is like out in the real world?
  8. WayneS

    WayneS Active Member

    Seriously? You broke your screen, which is glass, and all of a sudden it is the fault of HTC?

    I had an iPhone 3G before the Nexus. I dropped it about two feet to the ground once and it shattered the glass. However the LCD was still good and the phone was fully functional. Do you know what Apple wanted for repair? $250. And you will not get your phone back, but a refurb. Apple charges $250 for any damage no matter how small. And the only option you have is to send your phone in and purchase a refurb. So stop all of the bashing on Google and HTC when they are much more willing to work with their customers.

    Remember, Google got into this business to give the people what they want, not to tell them what they want.
  9. malowney

    malowney Member

    Re-read the post... HTC's "fault" is that they designed an inferior, overly-fragile screen, and that they don't stand behind the product.

    My dealings with HTC's call center have been like dealing with Comcast or Microsoft. They put up a wall.

    It has me questioning whether to even continue Android development on the nexus one. Honestly, I'm thinking I might just go back to a normal cell phone and get an Acer tablet that runs Android. Yes, HTC sucks that much ass as a company...
  10. bitxboi

    bitxboi Well-Known Member the screen really that fragile?
  11. QrafTee

    QrafTee Well-Known Member

    I think they do stand behind their products, but just like Honda won't do a free repair if you get into a car accident and your windshield and body is damaged, HTC isn't going to fix a screen that was broken due to user error.
  12. malowney

    malowney Member

    If I drove a Honda off the lot, and 35 days after owning it, a rock hit the windshield while driving down the highway, and the windshield got all spider-webbed up, I would ask Honda what was up with that- why is the windshield not prepared to handle everyday use?

    If they then told me that this type of everyday use was beyond what the car was speced for, and that to replace the windshield would cost 50% of the price of the vehicle, you would have something analogous to HTC.

    Caveat Emptor
  13. QrafTee

    QrafTee Well-Known Member

    What they charge is a whole different story, but that still doesn't change the fact that the phone is not meant to be dropped, like a car is not meant to be rear-ended.

    You can say, "Well it's a phone and some people will drop them." Right, but a car is a car and sometimes people get in car accidents. Does this happen every day? No. Do people get mad when it happens, yes. Does it mean HTC doesn't stand behind their product when the end user drops the phone and offers to repair the damages for a fee? No, that's why there are insurance options on all phones you purchase available to you by your carrier.

    It's not rocket science people.
  14. Faber

    Faber Active Member

  15. malowney

    malowney Member

    Again, your car accident analogy is false... A car accident is a catastrophic event. How many times do you get in a car accident? Once every 3 or 4 years? How many times do you drop a phone? Personally, I drop my phone at least 10 times per year.

    In this instance, the phone was charging on a coffee table, and the screen didn't survive the fall to the floor. IMHO, that is a pathetic lack of durability. Especially when you consider the performance of HTC's competitors. Virtually no other phone I know of would suffer that kind of damage from such an incidental event.
  16. QrafTee

    QrafTee Well-Known Member

    And it's HTCs fault that you had your phone charging on a coffee table and it grew legs to walk off the table and fall?

    Should Microsoft pay for your virus removal when you get a virus for going into shady websites? That happens more than once every 3 or 4 years, right?

    Granted things like the Xbox 360 spontaneously combusting withn 1-2 years it cause for alarm. As far as I'm aware, the Nexus One's screen does not spontaneously shatter while you're using it normally.
  17. malowney

    malowney Member

    I'm starting to realize that the Android community has taken on many of the unsavory qualities of Obama supporters and Mac users - ie, they develop a cult like following where the idol in question can do no wrong.

    LOL... There is no point in me trying to convince you that there are shortcomings of a Google / HTC product.

    My point in posting here is so that when others google terms such as "Is the Nexus One durable?" or "Does the Nexus One break easily?" that they will be able to find the anecdotal evidence they are looking for.

    Enjoy your phone... The Android OS is a good OS. Unfortunately, the hardware just isn't ready for prime time yet, and that is my opinion based on using it for a month and having it break.
  18. Faber

    Faber Active Member

    "many of the unsavory qualities of Obama supporters and Mac users" -- Strawman arguments tend to only highlight the ignorance of the individual using them.
  19. malowney

    malowney Member

    You seem to not know what a strawman is. This is an example of a strawman argument:

    What I did was make a comparison between Mac users / Obama supporters / and Android devotees in that all three groups seem to be unable to handle legitimate criticisms and critiques due to the cult-like mentality that prevails among the hard core.
  20. QrafTee

    QrafTee Well-Known Member

    Cult-like? No, you got it wrong. You're just mad because you broke your phone and HTC didn't give you a free ride. I never said it was or wasn't durable and I never said Google/HTC can do no wrong. I'm just saying its your fault and it's like "you types of people" to blame others for their own problems.

    I was just saying because a company charges you for repairs doesn't mean the company doesn't stand by their product. I'm sorry if I've offended you, but the truth hurts. Did you get the insurance?

    By the way, Android "devotees" != Nexus One "supporters." You should stop generalizing.
  21. malowney

    malowney Member

    OK... sorry then... Its honestly not that big a deal... I bought the phone outright and I will be reversing the charges via my credit card. I just wanted to get an "on the street" user report out there on the bulletin boards to say "hey, there may be some quality issues here".

    The phone won't work for my needs as I do have a lifestyle that involves a lot of physical / outdoor activity and kids and pets. It probably will work for a lot of people, people who can take really good care of it and keep it in the sock. That's totally cool. Just wanted to present the other side...
  22. QrafTee

    QrafTee Well-Known Member

    Well, I'll admit I don't own the phone--waiting for it to appear on the Verizon network. And if it is as flimsy as you and others have been reporting... I'll be deeply disappointed. But you're right about one thing, cult-like followers are a no-no. We'd be no better than the Microsoft camp who think high RROD failure rates are "okay" or the Apple camp who just have to grab the latest Apple product "just because."
  23. malowney

    malowney Member

    Cheers to that... I retract my statements... sorry if my disappointment got the better of me...
  24. BlkBear

    BlkBear Member

    Interesting video, so I stand corrected and should have said, layered/sandwiched/treated glass, rather than tempered. But all those would be considered, to a layman anyway, to be a tempered treatment, to keep the glass from breaking and shattering as easily as "normal" untreated/altered glass.

    In the case of the phone, it's a cover to keep the underlying *normal* glass from being a problem when it breaks. Which is why I will assume, that you will often see the under glass on devices like the N1, as broken or cracked while the cover glass is often not harmed. But it still sucks when you see cracked glass, covered, sandwiched, treated or not.
  25. MartinS

    MartinS Well-Known Member

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