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Nexus One = Passion?

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  1. alewifebp

    alewifebp Well-Known Member

    Well we finally get some closure here that we know that at least one HTC Android super phone will be coming to Verizon, in the previously speculated April/Spring timeframe, and of course, since it is the Nexus One, it of course looks like the first Unlockr pics released. All of the talk of VZW being a pain and not wanting to work with Google is false. It seems that the only carrier now that is really hurting for Android is AT&T.

    Now, this seems like a great phone, and specs wise certainly prove it to be so. The beta Flash experience was also shown over at Endadget, so things will be quite exciting for the platform. My Dare will be getting more use than originally planned.

    Like others, I too am hoping that the Incredible comes to being. An Android 2.1 set with Sense and with a better looking exterior (IMHO) is exactly what I've been waiting for (well besides an Android HD2, but I digress).

  2. You are quite wrong here.

    The droid community gained root access (equivalent to jailbreaking iphone) within a few weeks of its release. Not only is android open-source but it is also linux based. This means hackers and devs do not have to learn a whole new os or deal with java to hack android and develop android apps like they did/do with the iphone os. Multiple sources report that app developers prefer working with android by far. It's not that iphone fans have an easier time or are better at it, it's that they've had a 2 year head start.

    You should also consider the iphone's age when comparing it with droid's bugs. The iphone had its own problems in its infancy.

    Apple knows they are in trouble now that Verizon has some legitimate challengers in the market. This is made evident by the agreement in the works between the two.

    I'm honestly quite excited to pick up my droid Thursday. Running Android 2.1 with a 3.7" high-res display on Verizon's network - that's hard to beat right now.
  3. PetiePal

    PetiePal Well-Known Member

    Why not just wait to root your phone...they said at the Google conference yesterday 2.1 would be pushed to Droid within a few days as soon as it was open sourced.
  4. cigar3tte

    cigar3tte Well-Known Member

    Why would people still want Sense UI when it seems to be the reason holding back the phone updates? This will happen to every major update when you use a phone with Sense UI.
  5. AllSpades

    AllSpades Member

    because stock Android is ugly as hell. well, maybe not ugly as hell :D. but i HAPPILY put up with a slower processor and slightly less features on my Eris than to deal with the ugly hardware and software on the Droid.

    and from what i've seen of 2.1 on the Nexus One...it hasn't gotten much better.
  6. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Well-Known Member

    Its gotten a little better. 5 home panels out of the box, same weather widget Sense uses.
  7. kyler13

    kyler13 Well-Known Member

    Seriously? Aside from the weather widget and the arc slider at the bottom (and two more panels, but that's not really an aesthetic feature), how exactly is Sense THAT much different from stock Android to make it night and day different? I preferred Sense to Android 2.0 on the Droid, but 2.1 pretty much levels the field for me.
  8. thenoseknows

    thenoseknows Well-Known Member

    Actually, the reason that I want the HTC SenseUI is not so much for the widgets and look as much as it is for the keyboards. Both the portrait and landscape HTC sense keyboards are much better and much easier to use than the sock Android ones. If I am going to have an awesome OS and so many capabilities with my phone, then I want to be able to enjoy typing on them day in and day out, so I want the HTC keyboards
  9. clokwork

    clokwork Well-Known Member

    Sounds fair to me. I have never used either. I hope the Android soft keyboard isn't as horrible as some make it seem. Better than the Storms I hope.
  10. Nigelahmad

    Nigelahmad Well-Known Member

    I have to agree. Sense's keyboard is awesome and pretty accurate. The feedback is nice too. I was going to get the droid eris because of it and the Imagio.

    All of this wouldnt even matter if they still had the beautiful or pretty widgets apps. If that were the case, one could just get any stock android phone and add that on, if youre the type who likes sense for its aesthetics. :cool:

    I like them for both, but mainly i like the keyboard. but i rather have stock android if it means i cant get my updates =/
  11. shawn487

    shawn487 Well-Known Member

    that is what i was thinking. i thought he put it back up but i dont know since i dont have an android device yet. but figured get beautiful widgets app the skype(if it is available) for the keybord
  12. thenoseknows

    thenoseknows Well-Known Member

    I have been due to upgrade for over one and a half years now, and have wanted to get a smartphone. I upgraded once last summer for a weekend and got the XV6800. That was the single most laggy device I have ever encountered (not to mention I HATE Windows Mobile). I reverted back to my trusty LG VX8300 just two days later and decided to wait. When news leaked about the DROID, I was all over it because now finally on Verizon there was a phone I actually liked. But when I went to the store to play with it (as I did once, sometimes twice a week for a month) I left empty handed each time. I loved the speed and responsiveness of the DROID, the screen was beautiful, I was impressed by everything, except that when I played with the Eris, the HTC keyboard was phenomenal and put the stock Android keyboard to shame. If it was as snappy as the DROID, or had Android 2.0, I would have definitely pulled the trigger because I liked it THAT much more. I have since then been waiting because of all of the Passion/Bravo/Incredible rumors and now throw the N1 into the mix, how long must we wait?

    All I am trying to say is that SenseUI/the HTC keyboard IMO makes THAT much of a difference.
  13. clokwork

    clokwork Well-Known Member

    ^ Wow, thats food for thought.
  14. AndroidsOfTara

    AndroidsOfTara Well-Known Member

    I've been knocking Sense in a few posts recently. I just didn't like it for a variety of reasons.

    However, the Sense keyboard is indeed better than the non Sense (pun intended) Android keyboard.

    I've been forcing myself to use my Droid's landscape virtual keyboard for the past few days... to prepare myself for the N1.
  15. thenoseknows

    thenoseknows Well-Known Member

    Just out of curiousity, what makes you want to ditch the DROID for the N1?
  16. Colbs

    Colbs New Member

    I'd really like to know if the Nexus One and Passion are the same phone. I'm ready to take the plunge into the smartphone world but have been trying to wait until all of these phones get sorted out since I'm sure I'll be keeping the one I buy for quite a while.

    Anyway, I was just playing around on Google's main site and noticed that the name of the Nexus One image is "hpp_passion-35.png".

    Do you think that could mean..?
  17. FunkyBoss

    FunkyBoss Well-Known Member

    Wow! Nice find. What do you suppose the 'hpp' means?
  18. doubledown

    doubledown Active Member

    That IS an interesting find. Why WOULD they have that in the file name unless...
  19. cdmta

    cdmta Well-Known Member

    unless what? i'm not following. passion=nexus. big deal.
  20. shawn487

    shawn487 Well-Known Member

    ya i have to agree with cdmta passion is the nexus they look the same. now i am waiting and hoping that the incredible is the bravo for the us. if not well then im just waiting for nexus
  21. wonderbread

    wonderbread Well-Known Member

    Passion = Nexus One (GSM)
    PassionC = Nexus One (CDMA)

    I guess the answer to the question in the title of this thread is confirmed.

    moving on to Incredible/Bravo (hopefully)
  22. rdalcanto

    rdalcanto Well-Known Member

    You guys know I've been waiting for the Passion. Today I got the Droid I'm very happy. Swype is so cool and fast you wont care about htc keyboards. The other advantage to the Droid is when Google does updates, like the one that will hopefully give Android blue tooth dialing, the Droid will get it right away, while sense may be waiting a long time..
  23. PetiePal

    PetiePal Well-Known Member

    Yeah so I wonder when the heck they're announcing the Bravo? Wasn't that supposed to be the day after the Google conference? :p I've gotta make a decision soon! lol
  24. red97vette

    red97vette New Member

    I am really hoping that the Nexus One is not the passion/bravo. So far it has seemd to be a different phone, but similar specs. Some websites have rumored that the passion/bravo is going to drop on VZW in January 2010, which is what im hoping for. I have to sign up for new service by Feb, so if it proves that the N1 is the passion, ill have to get that, and be a little disappointed... Im really hoping for Sense UI and VZW in Jan... If not, Tmobile here I come.. :(
  25. kyler13

    kyler13 Well-Known Member

    At this point I don't care. Incredible/Bravo or Passion/Nexus One...I just need something SOON, like by the end of January. So tired of waiting. God I hope something comes around. Still nothing on the horizon based on the FCC approval database.

    Also, I browsed the T-Mobile coverage maps in the northeast. Nope, can't do it. Need to stick with Verizon.

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