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  1. hornyhippo

    hornyhippo Well-Known Member

    I found this apk from another site so If anybody wants a nexus one weather/news widget I attached it here. It works with the Incredible. You just need to put the apk in the sd card, download AndExplorer from the market and install it.

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  2. red arrow

    red arrow Well-Known Member

    Noob here, has any one here installed this succesfully? I would like to try it it but can't seem to make it work. Computer is telling me to insert disk in drive F when trying to move this to my phone. thanks for the help.
  3. red arrow

    red arrow Well-Known Member

    I figured out how to get the file to the memory card, but phone will not open it. It Is saying there is a problem parsing the package, any help is appreciated.
  4. paimon.soror

    paimon.soror Well-Known Member

  5. Heelfan71

    Heelfan71 Well-Known Member

    works for me. I like the news widget.
  6. Mr.Slave

    Mr.Slave Well-Known Member

    This app is in the Market FYI.
  7. Trooper

    Trooper Well-Known Member

    Good to know, thanks.

    What's so special about this one anyway? The stock HTC one (although buggy at times) looks much nicer.
  8. azak

    azak Well-Known Member

    The Nexus One weather widget is more convenient, IMO, since it gives you a nice graph display of hourly temperatures and precip chance %s. Plus, it's really nice to have the top news stories from numerous major news sources consolidated into a couple of different lists like 'top stories', 'sports', etc.
  9. slumpey

    slumpey Well-Known Member

    what's the app called in the market
  10. Trooper

    Trooper Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that. Is it any more draining on the battery? Can it be set to certain intervals for auto updates like the stock HTC one?

    Who else here is using the N1 weather widget? Just curious.
  11. sunthas

    sunthas Well-Known Member

    This app doesn't work well for me. Generally I like the app, but it seems like if the phone isn't awake for the update it skips it, so when you wake up the phone, it will have the wrong temperature data.
  12. andreezy

    andreezy Well-Known Member

    installed... then /uninstalled

    Wasnt a big fan of this one for some reason... it just didn't inspire...
  13. Trooper

    Trooper Well-Known Member

    Same here man. Did nothing for me either.
  14. kmoore11

    kmoore11 Well-Known Member

    I love this app... not necessarily for the widget, but the app itself. The graph with temperatures and precipitation percents is the most helpful weather app I've found. Also, it is nice to have a bunch of news together in one place sorted by category. And I like being able to create my own categories too
  15. sk8skanj

    sk8skanj Well-Known Member

    i second this question
  16. thirtyfour41

    thirtyfour41 Well-Known Member

    just download the file to the phone, will save from having to scour the market. i couldn't find it in the market either, so i just gave up. awesome widget, though. have been looking for something decent that scrolls and refreshes news. the ny times widget just stayed on 1 story unless i hit the little around, that was pointless. but it's working fine, droid inc.
  17. sk8skanj

    sk8skanj Well-Known Member

    but then i wont get updates for it
  18. thirtyfour41

    thirtyfour41 Well-Known Member

    sure, that makes sense... well then if you find out the name post it here for us so we can get the updates too :)
  19. TXSooner

    TXSooner Well-Known Member

    For those looking for it in the market, just download Dropbox and put this in your dropbox folder. Voila you can run the apk from your phone through dropbox.
  20. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    I've had this widget since April. I use it mainly for the news. It gathers news from Google. I like it.

    Edit: To the best of my knowledge this app is not available in the AppMarket.
  21. fiskadoro

    fiskadoro Well-Known Member

    There's a newer version of this knocking around. This is 1.1.7 RC6, but there's a 1.2.02 RC2 also available if you search a bit. Not quite sure what the difference is or whether it's any better though.
  22. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    That's the one I have.
  23. Trooper

    Trooper Well-Known Member

    Got a download link?
  24. Trooper

    Trooper Well-Known Member

    Bump and has anyone had problems with this auto updating? Yes I decided to give this a go again!
  25. Raadius

    Raadius Well-Known Member

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