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    May 25, 2012
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    Ok, first of all, hats off to all you guys. if i had half the brains as some of the people here i wouldnt be having these issues.

    now, to business. Im not a total root noob by any means. while some of the more technical aspects are beyond me, i understand ADB, fastboot, aquiring the drivers etc.. flashing roms, kernels and recovery. I rooted my evo about 4 months ago and put MikG and it runs flawlessly. I only charge my phone like 2x a week. and havent had any problems. at all.

    I have a nexus s 4g im trying to root for a friend. i have full adb and fastboot access so no problems there. i was able to unlock the bootloader and flash CWM touch (crespo) to the phone. i can boot into fastboot and recovery with no issues. (this took some doing, none of the recovery prog i tried were working) when i go to install a rom, i get the "status 7" error, aborted. The roms are crespo roms just like the recovery. but it says something about missing crespo? am i missing something?
    none of the toro or toroplus recoveries would "stick" on the recovery partition


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