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  1. Vasutup

    Vasutup New Member

    Hello Everyone!!! I am new to this group and I certainly need all your expertise to resolve my issue. I am using the mobile Nexus S and I recently upgraded it to ICS 4.0.3 manually, till now it worked very well.. But today I am facing some issue in the display..Top of the page I am getting the display like " P:0/1 dX:0.0 dY:0.0 Xv:0.0 Yv:0.0 Prs:0.39 Size:0.07" Like this i am getting..I think some pixel display issue...If I do any operations in my mobile, it comes like a scratch line..I have tried to reboot the mobile, used the recovery option but nothing worked out. I really not sure whether the problem is occuring after the ICS Upgrade or in nexus S itself..

    Could you please help me out to resolve the issue ASAP!!! I am really require a help from all of you to get rid of this issue..

    Million Thanks !!!!

  2. Unforgiven

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  3. Rush

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    Hello and welcome to Android Forums. I hope you'll find answers for your questions here on the forums.

    Thanks for joining the community. :)
  4. Keiths2

    Keiths2 New Member

    Did you ever solve the issue im having the same trouble wiyh my Galaxy s2

    If so Please post answer
  5. red63blue

    red63blue New Member

    Hello Everyone. I had the same problem. Solution: Select Settings from the home screen, scroll all the way down to the bottom, select Developer options. Then you should see {"Pointer Location" Screen overlay showing current touch data} Uncheck it and the problem should go away like mine did. Yahoo!!!! Good Luck.
  6. SamsungGalaxyY

    SamsungGalaxyY New Member

    Did you solve the issue yet?

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