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Nexus S no sound when ringSupport

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  1. limedelta

    limedelta Member

    when anyone rings me i cant here the phone ringing but the weird thing is if i turn on loudspeaker i can hear them anyone got any ideas?

  2. heavymetal1971

    heavymetal1971 New Member

    Had same problem .... called Wind Mobile and was told to sync or backup phone , then do a factory reset through the settings button . If that doesn't solve it then may need to do a Sim swap .Of course I only did this yesterday ... hope it works.
  3. bfksc

    bfksc Well-Known Member

    If this happens when you have bluetooth enabled, it may be the bug in the Nexus S firmware v4.0.4 where the phone doesn't ring through the speaker when bluetooth is enabled and a headset is connected via bluetooth. A factory reset won't help as it's a bug in the firmware.

    I recently updated with a newer firmware pushed to my phone v4.0.4 but build IMM76M instead of 76D, and it seems to have fixed this related issue.
  4. hadtojointopost

    hadtojointopost New Member

    I was having the same issue. could not figure it out. took it to Sprint they told me same thing reset phone blah blah. I said no did not want to do that. I stumbled upon my problem by accident and just wanted to share it.

    in my case when you go to settings and check sound ringtones it says its set to one of my custom ringtones. so it looks okay but when i get incoming calls it will not ring.

    but if you go into my contacts select one and press edit then ringtone I see no ringtone is selected. I checked everyone of my contacts and they are all the same. somehow the settings for each ringtone on each contact was wiped clean. I added them all back in and now its working fine.

    I now think this happened after the official ICS update. Just updated to Jelly bean and contacts were still goofed up at that time so I cant comment on whether that update could/would have caused the same thing.
  5. tomthx

    tomthx New Member

    Also check any calling apps you may have installed. I had Talking Caller ID installed and after the Jelly Bean update my Nexus S stopped ringing. I removed the app and that fixed the problem.

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