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  1. I was since day one with the zagg screen protector but I so hate it because of its grip... I decided to try cheap ebay one, and I just installed one, look and feel really nice , but is the tip of the protector gonna stick ok on it after some days or its gonna stay like that (on the picture the protector is on it since 24 hour. thanks!


  2. AndroidifyMe

    AndroidifyMe Well-Known Member

    Honestly the tips are always the first to go out on these things. So if it doesn't stick now it will never. I've seen screen protectors that look like yours & I assume they have the same one now.
  3. what I cant understand is that the protector is not off at all of the screen.. it is on the screen but it is lifted, no dust under.. wtf?!?
  4. rborelli

    rborelli Well-Known Member

    I believe it's because of the curved screen. I have a Steinheil and it is cut short on the top and bottom just for that reason.

  5. dhend25

    dhend25 Well-Known Member

    Same here!

    I have the Steinheil screen protector and got a similar result, and like Bob, I believe it is due to the screen curvature.

    I will say, however, that I think Steinheil is the best screen protector out there and worlds better than "Zagg". Which I had and returned because I wasn't comfortable getting that liquid all over the front of my phone. I much prefer the dry applications. Had one for my iphone 3G and loved it. Held up beautifully for years.

  6. Phantom1275

    Phantom1275 Active Member

    Same here with my Nexus S and a chep eBay screen protector.

    I've got no bubbles, but both up and down tips are not totally sticked, due to screen curvature.

    Well, my screen being scratch-free, I don't care.
  7. poolgod69

    poolgod69 Member

    Down with screen protectors :D
  8. AndroidifyMe

    AndroidifyMe Well-Known Member

    I think it's because they're cheap. Not because it's curved. I have a screen protector on mines and it sticks just fine. I do admit it has a slight orange skin affect. It was a wet install. It fits perfectly from top to bottom. You can youtube videos and see there are some that fit right. Even the ones that aren't cheap, the ends of it are usually the first to go over time.
  9. rborelli

    rborelli Well-Known Member

    You must have a Zagg which is a wet protector as opposed to a dry protector. the dry protectors set differently. i had a Zagg and loved the way it clung but hated the dull look and finger prints it leaves.


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