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  1. jmm92108

    jmm92108 Well-Known Member

    I just thought I would report my results comparing the Sprint Nexus S 4G signal reception to the Sprint Galaxy S2 Epic Touch 4G.
    I loved everything about the NS4G (especially the size, fits perfect in my pocket) but I hated the data connectivity speeds and signal reception.
    I got my NS4G July last year. 90% of the time I'm either at home or sitting at my desk at my office. I set the phone on my desk right next to me at work. With the NS4G the majority of the time, 90%, I had 1x data speeds instead of 3G. I figured it was because I was at the far edge of a Sprint cell tower coverage. At home it was slightly better, I got 1x 25% of the time, 3G 75% of the time. I will say though that when I'm very close to a Sprint tower and have 4 signal bars, I get 3G and data speed is decent. But I am rarely standing right next to a tower.
    For 9 months I put up with poor to mediocre data connectivity speeds on the NS4G. I finally got fed up and upgrade to a Epic Touch 4G. Signal reception is much much better! In 3 months I have never, ever seen 1x data, I always have 3G even when my phone is sitting in the exact same spot on my desk at work. Data connectivity speeds, measured on, are not even close. Epic Touch 4G blows it away.
    For me it was worth the $324 to upgrade to the ET4G.

  2. jmm92108

    jmm92108 Well-Known Member

    By the way, I've tested both phones with stock roms and also rooted with custom roms. Same results both ways.
  3. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Well-Known Member

    The GS2 Epic touch is newer bigger phone also has a newer 3G chipset and radio. Great phone but still WiMax. You should try to upgrade to a LTE phone that way you have a longer lasting device. Sprint has a 30day return I think...... take it back for the new Nexus or try the LG not sure about LG phones. If you can hold out the GS3 should be in sprint stores right in the middle summer time. The new HTC EVO is in a holding pattern panding a lawsuit but it has LTE as well. Good Luck
  4. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Well-Known Member

    Oh and make sure the you read the details on the SPEC page of any new device HD voice calling is a new and up coming thing. Also called VOLTE(voice over LTE) It's a secret so don't tell anybody. LOL :)
  5. jmm92108

    jmm92108 Well-Known Member

    I absolutely love the Galaxy S2 ET4G and I have no plans to get anything else. There is no WiMax where I live and even if there was I would hardly ever use it since it drains the battery so much. Nobody can tell me when LTE is coming to my area. Maybe if it's here in a year I'll get a new phone. I'm happy enough with 3G though.

    I thought I might not like the bigger size but the bigger screen is awesome and typing is easier. I have a friend with a T-Mobile Galaxy S2 and friend with a AT&T Galaxy S2 and we all think these are the greatest phones out right now.
  6. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Well-Known Member

    I agree for sure it is a great phone. Samsung makes the best phone for sure. I do have a link for you that might help with the 4G info.
    Community Blog List - Sprint 4G Rollout Updates
    Looks around at the site it should have some good info for you. The new Sprint Network might be a good thing for you. I'm not sure where you are. In the next year or two the Sprint will have the best service around. You can also look up Sprint Network Vision. No I don't work for Sprint I know know a lot about the technology that drives cell phone service. Also the new LTE service will not be a big battery drain. Enjoy that Galaxy it is a great phone. Love the SAMLOD screen nothing can touch it.
  7. Philbarter

    Philbarter Member

    I must live in a city with good coverage, yes there are some poor coverage blocks that all my phones have had issues with. All in all I don't see any difference with Nexus S than I did with Hero, Evo 4g or Evo 3D.
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