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    I updated to Jelly Bean 4.1 a few weeks ago. The phone was a little laggy, there was a lot of stuff on there and the battery was draining quickly. After doing a search on the internet, lots of people suggested I do a hard reset. I did a soft reset first. Then when that was done, I rebooted the phone to do a hard reset, but didn't press the right key combination, so the phone booted as normal. I decided I didn't want to wait for it to load up, so I took the battery out to restart. When I put it back in, the phone wouldn't turn on. I tried my second battery, I tried charging it, I tried taking it out and waiting a few hours, nothing would work. After leaving the battery in the phone for a couple hours, I noticed the phone was getting pretty hot and it still wouldn't trun on. What is up with that, anyone has any ideas?

  2. Happened to my phone also! Except it was working fine no issues except whenever I used the camera and took a pic with flash it would turn off... I bought extra batteries more than a yr ago.. i let the batteries charge while i use up the one in the phone then when it dies or i leave my house i switch so i get a 100% battery life (extremely convenient by the way) well just like any morning before classes i took out my battery when it was on the home screen and replaced it.. phone never turned on.. kept it in my pocket just in case it started up.. got pretty hot in freezing temps.. very wierd..

    also tried cleaning battery contacts, externally charging the battery, plugging to charger with and w/o battery(s), tried multiple batteries, hard reset, booting to android menu, freezing the phone... NOTHING!!

    I have no idea how it stopped working.. working 1 min, not the next.. im guessing it was trying to update and i took the battery out which screwed the phone, or the other battery I bought messed it up when i was switching it (but i doubt it cuz ive used it more than a yr now)
  3. But more importantly, I had pics on the phone that I rly want.. any1 have any idea how i could atleast recover those.. and rmr this is a Samsung Nexus S so theres not external SD.. just internal memory.. =/
    PLZ HELP!!

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