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  1. Last night I placed both my iPhone and nexus s together and ran Speedtest app one at a time using WIFI at my house in the master bedroom, which is next to the study room where WIFI router is....download speed on iPhone was 23.5 Mbps and nexus s was only 7.6....this was repeated several times and i got similar results! Wtf?! Is Nexus S wifi radio that bad?! It constantly drops Wifi signal in my home. My iPhone 4s gets solid signal.

  2. warbux

    warbux Well-Known Member

    I just ran a speed test on my PC and got 18/12, then 10/4 on my Nexus. :(
    That's pretty bad, but frankly good enough for anything I'm doing on my phone so I'm not too worried about it.
  3. Well, the problem is that as soon as you get far from your Wifi router or around the corner, that 10/4 speed will drop very low or nothing. That is what i am experiencing in my house...the Wifi signal drops constantly! And no, i am not just looking at the bars...but the actual internet navigation drops. Fukking Google! How the hell did they release this phone with such piss-poor Wifi radio?!! And i hear the 4G radio is a joke too! And don't get me started on the Toys-R-Us camera...POS!

    Unfortunately, this will be the last Google phone that i buy until they get their act together and make a TRUE class leader for Android users! Even the new Galaxy Nexus is underwhelming at best. Maybe Google should invest all their energy into software development and leave the hardware design to the manufacturers. (Yes, i know that Google phones have been made by Samsung...but Google spec them for Samsung to build.) ICS is very good...they need to invest their energy into that instead of spec'ing out phones that are outdated or just plain POS as soon as they reach the consumers! In addition, they need to b!tch-slap phone manufacturers into making timely updates!

    And i laugh everytime an Android user make fun of the Iphone 4S battery problem...hell, in the year since Nexus S has been introduced, has Google fixed the Wifi and 4G radios??? Oh yeah, those Gingerbread updates didn't fix anything except take away tethering! Nice!! Kill the hand that feeds you! And yeah, the Iphone 4S battery life blows the Nexus S away despite the "issue".
  4. BTW, standing right next to my router, my Nexus S gets 12 Mbps...my laptop gets 23 Mbps, same with Iphone. As noted above, going around the corner drops Wifi connection, while my Iphone still runs at 23 Mbps!:mad::confused::( WTF?!
  5. Just tested it about one room away behind a wall. My Nexus had trouble even picking up Wifi signal...had to run Speedtest app 4 times before i can even make thru the test! Signal was 0.6 bps. My iPhone was 23 Mbps. Yes, you read those numbers right!! :mad: Same location...one test right after the other.
  6. nomadic

    nomadic Well-Known Member

    Processing power has alot to do with DL speeds too. If you're comparing the Nexus S to the Iphone 4S, that's not fair at all. Comparing it to the original Iphone 4 is much more reasonable.
  7. I don't think that processor power has much to do with download speed...does it???
  8. Just an update...i tested my brother's Galaxy Nexus (stock)...and his phone got around 14-18 Mbps...vs around 23 Mbps with my 4S. WTF is wrong with Samsung radios?!!! :confused:
  9. expose11

    expose11 Member

    Just my opinion, but if you don't think processing power has anything to do with the speed at which your wifi works, you should stop running test and be quiet.

    Having said that, the nexus s 4g has a piss poor antenna for wifi, 4g, and 3g. What you need to look at is the signal strength #'s.

    One more thing, as soon as you bring "iPhone" into a post in this forum, you are all but ignored. And rightly so...
  10. Please RE-READ what i wrote...i did put "???" behind my post.

    If you're correct, then why is the Galaxy Nexus (with ICS and dual core) have significantly lower Wifi speeds DESPITE having a faster processor??? If you can't answer it, then maybe you need to take your own advice. ;)

    And why would "iPhone" lead to being ignored? The point is that Galaxy phones have shitty radios!! And that IMO is unacceptable!
  11. expose11

    expose11 Member

    I read the??? which is why I posted. Signal and throughput are two different things. Does the nexus have a crap wifi antenna? Yes. But you can't base it off of dl rate alone. I can look at the signal strength numbers and see it. My i7 notebook can have bad dl rates with crappy wifi. Which is what is happening with the Galaxy. Great processing, bad antenna. Or possibly a bad driver. I don't own a Galaxy or I could tell you.
    Fact is processing has a big part in dl speed but not signal strength. Apples and oranges and you kind of made a fruit salad. :D

    And the iPhone thing, when you come into an Android forum and start spouting off how iPhone is better then..... Its called trolling. Whether the nexus has bad wifi or not, as soon as its compared to the iPhone in this forum, it's trolling.
  12. Huh??!! Yeah, the antennas on Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S 4g sucks, with or without good processors...when compared to its competitors. Nothing else was mentioned.

    Now, if you haven't notice, I CURRENTLY OWN NEXUS S 4G and an iPhone! If anything, IT IS YOU WHO ARE showing the "trolling" signs!!!!!!! Wtf?! Ignorance is bliss in your case if you truly believe the crap that you just wrote! Sad IMO!
  13. timmyh318

    timmyh318 Well-Known Member

    how is mentioning an iphone trolling??? iphone iphone iphone iphone. but to answer the question google used samsung to make there nexus line. huge mistake. samsung makes the absolute worst radios in the industry. maybe with google owning moto now we can finally get a nexus with a good radio.
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  14. x2. Samsung makes great TVs...but, good reception phone is not their forte! Unfortunately, for some of us, a smartphone that sucks at being a phone is unacceptable.
  15. Timanator

    Timanator Well-Known Member

    This phone has a very bad GPS antenna too.
  16. Very disappointing speed on wifi.
  17. ZDroid1

    ZDroid1 Well-Known Member

    Same here. My wife's iPhone gets full WiFi bars in most placed in the house. My Nexus S 4G barely gets two (and often just one) WiFi bars. I get full bars only when I stand downstairs right next to the router. At work, it's the same story. Most people around me get 3 or more bars, and I just get one or two.

    This is my third Android phone, and all three had stupid issues like that. The first one was the Samsung Captivate back when I was on AT&T, and its GPS simply never worked (even after a software update to address the very issue).
  18. ICS has not improved much in this regard. :( Bottom line, Samsung sucks at making CDMA radios. NEVER going to buy a Samsung phone.

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