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nexus with Blackberry BIS data plan

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  1. psziel

    psziel New Member

    has anyone tried to use the Nexus one with a sim that you have a Blackberry BIS data plan in it?
    i have searched and haven't really found the answer, so far all i have found is that it will work with the 5.99 old t-zones plan that we cant get anymore. doesn't work with the 9.99 web2go plan. of course it works with the 24.99 android plan or full internet plan. the reason i want to know for sure is because i am on a old grandfathered blackberry plan that i don't want to lose by switching data plans and finding out it don't work or don't like the phone and i go back to blackberry and have to pay the higher BIS price. i have tried my sim card in iphones and unlocked e71's and it worked fine. but i haven't read anyone trying it yet. if i'm incorrect on what plans work or don't work please correct me. or if this question was asked already point me to the thread.
    if someone confirms that it will work i will be happy and can switch back and forth when needed :)

    let me ad that i was able to use a unlocked HTC hero also with this plan before (BIS)

  2. JSchu22

    JSchu22 Well-Known Member Contributor

    I've used it on the $79 more plus plan, or whatever it's called, that previously had a BlackBerry.
  3. SPX

    SPX Member


    I am using my Nexus One with a Blackberry BIS plan and it is working fine. Internet access (web, facebook, youtube, etc.) works fine, as does email, as do text & mms messages.
  4. Air Force One

    Air Force One Well-Known Member

    Yup. I took my sim from my BB 9000 on AT&T and put it in the Nexus and it's all good.
  5. jcmtyler

    jcmtyler Well-Known Member

    That's interesting, I wanted to change my plan because I had the BlackBerry Enterprise plan with T-Mobile at $30/month and wanted to get the "normal" unlimited internet plan that I thought was supposed to be $25/month. However when I called to make the change I was told that the data plans had been bumped in price, so now I pay $30/month for the T-Mobile Android Unlimited Web.
  6. psziel

    psziel New Member

    thats why i asked this question, first because everyone talks about web2go and t-zones but not people with blackberry plans. i have been with t-mobile for years and i am on a old cheaper BIS plan that i refuse to give up because if it works it will save me money and it is still cheaper then what they have now for data prices. plus i wanted the option to be able to just back to blackberry with a sim swap. thanks for all the replys!

  7. mi_canuck

    mi_canuck Well-Known Member

    i had BIS on my T-Mo account when i switched to the Nexus... worked perfectly... no issues... i did still switch to the Android plan... same price (ie. free) with my EMP 500 plan (unlmtd txt/web w/ 500 minutes talk)... but you don't have to switch... it worked... i personally had no reason to keep BIS (tried a BB and hated it...)
  8. psziel

    psziel New Member

    ok, i bit the bullet and ordered one. i will slap my t-mobile sim in it with BIS blackberry data service on it and all should go well. i will post back in a few days after getting it update status. i ordered it about noon today and hoping to getting it tomorrow.
  9. wrxm33

    wrxm33 Member

    I tried... I have a BIS plan with BlackBerry 9700 and I am able to use my SIM on a Nexus One. However, when I put my SIM in a myTouch3G, it doesn't work, it forced me to upgrade to the Android plan. Any tweak?
  10. rubi76

    rubi76 Well-Known Member

    Now - if you could find a way to get Blackberry Messanger on the Nexus One :D
  11. wrxm33

    wrxm33 Member

    Why not?? I can do your research and please work on mine... :cool:
  12. rubi76

    rubi76 Well-Known Member

    I wish... I don't think that BBM is available outside of the BB world.. it's their trademark application and they won't release it to other devices....
  13. hekidnappedher

    hekidnappedher New Member

    I have an AT&T Plan with the BIS service and I switched the SIM into my N1 and it worked perfectly. I was surprised.
  14. wrxm33

    wrxm33 Member

    yes.. it will work with N1 or GSM Hero.... but just the 3G Android phone from t-Mobile doesn't work with any plan other than Android Data plan..
  15. Harshaanl

    Harshaanl New Member

    Hi there.
    Did you have to change any APN settings on your Nexus to get the BIS service to work ?

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