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nexus7 8 gig of memory missing ?Support

  1. cds84

    cds84 New Member

    Hi there.

    I seem to have Lost about 8 gig of memory, and I've no idea how to free some more up.
    Settings->storage shows....

    Total space: 13gig.
    Apps: 300 Meg.
    Pics +music +etc : 10 Meg.
    Free: 4gig.

    I have the 16 gig model, I realise that is 16 gig of unformatted space, and the filesystem will eat a chunk, but 3 gig seems a little excessive.

    And what about the rest of it? I've not stores any media on the device, and I've only installed one up ( world of too - 50meg )

    I was hoping to store some media on the device for a long offline journey.

    Any ideas ?

  2. cammykool

    cammykool Well-Known Member

    Android is a big space hog
  3. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Moved to the Nexus 7 forum.
    Welcome aboard CDS84 :)
  4. rootbrain

    rootbrain Well-Known Member

    Are you sure you got the 16GB model and not the 8GB by mistake? Are you rooted? If so, use a root file manager to look at the file systems/mount points.
  5. cds84

    cds84 New Member

    Thanks for the reply root brain.

    This device is not yet rooted.
    Surely is I had the 8 gig model then free space would be < gig... unless there is some compression at the filesystem layer ( but I don't think ext4 supports compression)

    I do have a terminal emulator installed, cat /proc/partitions shows /dev/Mmcblk0 to be 15267840 blocks. If that's 512 byte blocks, then that's only around 8 gig. I'm hoping they are 1k blocks... I'd rather not root the device, just in case I need to return it.

    Could anyone with a 16 gig model post the output from mount and cat /process/partitions please ?

  6. palmtree5

    palmtree5 Sunny Vacation Supporter! Moderator

    I have the 16 gig model
    root@android:/ # cat /proc/partitions
    cat /proc/partitions
    major minor  #blocks  name
       7        0       9387 loop0
       7        1      10427 loop1
       7        2       2111 loop2
       7        3       2111 loop3
       7        4      49928 loop4
       7        5      23940 loop5
       7        6       4190 loop6
       7        7      15624 loop7
     179        0   15267840 mmcblk0
     179        1      12288 mmcblk0p1
     179        2       8192 mmcblk0p2
     179        3     665600 mmcblk0p3
     179        4     453632 mmcblk0p4
     179        5        512 mmcblk0p5
     179        6      10240 mmcblk0p6
     179        7       5120 mmcblk0p7
     179        8        512 mmcblk0p8
     179        9   14103552 mmcblk0p9
     179       32       2048 mmcblk0boot1
     179       16       2048 mmcblk0boot0
     254        0       9387 dm-0
     254        1      10426 dm-1
     254        2       2110 dm-2
     254        3       2110 dm-3
     254        4      49927 dm-4
     254        5      23940 dm-5
     254        6       4189 dm-6
     254        7      15624 dm-7
    and mount
    root@android:/ # mount
    rootfs / rootfs ro,relatime 0 0
    tmpfs /dev tmpfs rw,nosuid,relatime,mode=755 0 0
    devpts /dev/pts devpts rw,relatime,mode=600 0 0
    proc /proc proc rw,relatime 0 0
    sysfs /sys sysfs rw,relatime 0 0
    debugfs /sys/kernel/debug debugfs rw,relatime 0 0
    none /acct cgroup rw,relatime,cpuacct 0 0
    tmpfs /mnt/asec tmpfs rw,relatime,mode=755,gid=1000 0 0
    tmpfs /mnt/obb tmpfs rw,relatime,mode=755,gid=1000 0 0
    none /dev/cpuctl cgroup rw,relatime,cpu 0 0
    /dev/block/platform/sdhci-tegra.3/by-name/APP /system ext4 ro,relatime,user_xatt
    r,acl,barrier=1,data=ordered 0 0
    /dev/block/platform/sdhci-tegra.3/by-name/CAC /cache ext4 rw,nosuid,nodev,noatim
    e,errors=panic,user_xattr,acl,barrier=1,nomblk_io_submit,data=ordered 0 0
    /dev/block/platform/sdhci-tegra.3/by-name/UDA /data ext4 rw,nosuid,nodev,noatime
    ,errors=panic,user_xattr,acl,barrier=1,nomblk_io_submit,data=ordered 0 0
    /dev/fuse /storage/sdcard0 fuse rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,user_id=1023,group_id=1
    023,default_permissions,allow_other 0 0
    /dev/block/dm-0 /mnt/asec/com.quoord.tapatalkpro.activity-1 ext4 ro,dirsync,nosu
    id,nodev,noatime,user_xattr,acl,barrier=1 0 0
    /dev/block/dm-1 /mnt/asec/com.deckedbuilder.deckedbuilder-1 ext4 ro,dirsync,nosu
    id,nodev,noatime,user_xattr,acl,barrier=1 0 0
    /dev/block/dm-2 /mnt/asec/com.didactic.DeuterIDE-1 ext4 ro,dirsync,nosuid,nodev,
    noatime,user_xattr,acl,barrier=1 0 0
    /dev/block/dm-3 /mnt/asec/com.dataviz.docstogoapp-1 ext4 ro,dirsync,nosuid,nodev
    ,noatime,user_xattr,acl,barrier=1 0 0
    /dev/block/dm-4 /mnt/asec/com.exozet.android.catan-1 ext4 ro,dirsync,nosuid,node
    v,noatime,user_xattr,acl,barrier=1 0 0
    /dev/block/dm-5 /mnt/asec/it.rortos.f18carrierlanding-1 ext4 ro,dirsync,nosuid,n
    odev,noatime,user_xattr,acl,barrier=1 0 0
    /dev/block/dm-6 /mnt/asec/air.com.gsn.android.lingo-1 ext4 ro,dirsync,nosuid,nod
    ev,noatime,user_xattr,acl,barrier=1 0 0
    /dev/block/dm-7 /mnt/asec/com.eamobile.life_na_wf-1 ext4 ro,dirsync,nosuid,nodev
    ,noatime,user_xattr,acl,barrier=1 0 0
    root@android:/ #
  7. JanComputerman

    JanComputerman Well-Known Member

    Remember it will use space as cache and buffering until you allocate it for something permanent like a program or data music pictures videos e t c. so your free space may not be very accurate.
  8. rootbrain

    rootbrain Well-Known Member

    You're right I didn't pay attention to the settings/storage comment you made, sorry.

    I also show 13.24GB total, so you have the 16GB. I'm using 2GB for apps, 2GB for audio, 833mb for pics/vids and have 5.8GB left. However, using a custom kernal and init.d for some custom tweaks which include a 1GB swap partion (equal to memory) for performance.

    Curious, unless you got bad memory and it's not recognized.

    :confused::confused: If you feel like starting over, try doing factory reset and starting from scratch to see if it builds everything and you can recover it. Or look for some disk tools in the market, but I think you'd need root to get to the nitty gritty. Don't know what else to try.
  9. 4321ben

    4321ben New Member

    I have exactly the same problem. I had the full 13.24gb and had transfered some movies onto the device nearly filling the memory using nexus media importer. I then deleted them after watching and never got the memory back. I am actually using 5.32gb but the system says I have used 11.71 GB out of 13.24Gb. Any solutions apart from a factory reset?
  10. Spicyfish

    Spicyfish Member

    You could probably use a file manager to see where the space is being used. Then remove any files, have did you check the storage usage bit to see what the used space falls under? Also, I was under the impression (someone told me) that Android was suppose to be installed in a seperate NAND Flash to retain the space? This true?
  11. Bob Denny

    Bob Denny Well-Known Member

    All will be revealed by the Storage Analyser (sic) app! If you are rooted, it will also look inside "Android" but you don't need root.
  12. Teknologic

    Teknologic Well-Known Member

    Diskusage is also really fast and lightweight, quite a neat app to browse your entire storage by size. Been using it ever since my N1 started getting low on storage. Which was instantly.
  13. rootbrain

    rootbrain Well-Known Member

    Here's something I found using these tools. I had the app "Root Uninstaller" and it had over 850MB of "automatic backups". WTF? Why does that app do any backups anyway? I use Titanium and Nandroid so I don't need apps doing anthing "automatically" without my say so.

    Thanks to the suggestion for the above disk apps, I saved almost a gig or storage. I use the No Bloat app exclusively now to remove system and user apps that I can't get rid of any other way.
  14. Teknologic

    Teknologic Well-Known Member

    If you're pressed for storage space, I freed up another 1.5G yesterday by moving my titanium backups to mSD over otg. Just remember to turn off any schedules you have and plug it in to run backups once in a while.

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