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NFC not working, what am I doing wrong??Support

  1. alyssa728

    alyssa728 New Member

    So I have 2 galaxy s2 skyrockets running 4.0.4 with NFC and Android Beam enabled and am trying to send a picture from one to the other. Putting the phones together makes both phones vibrate and play a chime noise, but does not do anything else. I don't understand what I am doing wrong??

    We also tried a video and a web page with no luck.

    Again both phones have NFC and Android beam enabled. Neither phone is rooted. And they both run 4.0.4.

    Any help is appreciated!

  2. FakeAwake

    FakeAwake Member

    The S2 won't send pictures or videos via NFC, nothing bigger than contact info, webpage, or app (which links to it via the playstore).

    Not to be sound condescending but have you tried to reboot your phone since you've activated both beam and NFC? Also when the phone chimes and vibrates the lets say you're transferring a contact the page sorta shrinks when it does you tap the screen and that starts the transfer.
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  3. alyssa728

    alyssa728 New Member

    I have rebooted with no luck. I have tried to send a webpage and contact with no luck either. Nothing shrinks :/

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