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  1. cofer

    cofer Member

    Anyone else have the JBL Power Up Speaker with wireless charging? Wireless charging works great and bluetooth works once paired.

    The problem I am having is that the DNA does not respond to the NFC and automatically pair the bluetooth. When touching the DNA to the speaker the speaker recognized the DNA and starts trying to pair to the device (indicated by the blue flashing light). As I understand it the DNA should also recognize the speaker via NFC, turn on Bluetooth and begin pairing. This does not happen for me and I am hoping someone else has either figured this out or has a suggestion.


  2. jreed2560

    jreed2560 Well-Known Member

    In between the signal indicator and the GPS reticle on your notification bar at the top of the screen do you see a white box with what looks like a crazy N inside? If not then you need to turn on nfc from the settings in your phone. It should be under the more tab in the first few options of the settings menu
  3. cofer

    cofer Member

    Thanks for the response and sorry I wasn't as clear as I should have been. Yes, I do have NFC enabled and do see the crazy N at the top of the screen. In fact the JBL speaker recognizes the NFC chip in my phone (only when NFC is enabled) and tries to pair with my device.

    Just dropped the phone yesterday - screen looks much better when its not shattered... ;-) - and have a replacement in my hands so I will check to see if it was an isolated case with my previous DNA.

    I was able to use NFC to connect to a Samsung Galaxy S3 and while I couldn't transfer a large picture (im sure that was a setting between the two devices based on what I have read), both phones did actually recognize each other and attempt the transfer.

    I am concerned that the DNA does not support auto bluetooth pairing via NFC....
  4. cofer

    cofer Member

    Ok, Im guessing that nobody out there has both the DNA and the JBL Speaker.

    Has anyone been able to use NFC with the DNA to automatically pair any Bluetooth device? Verizon is useless as usual, Nokia says the speaker is a JBL product but JBL doesn't know anything about NFC......
  5. workin247365

    workin247365 New Member

    I have been unable to use NFC to pair the devices despite trying for hours. I even went to the Verizon store to see if I could use it to pair my phone with their PowerUp to no avail. Nokia, JBL, and Verizon are all useless on the issue at this point, but I hope they can produce an updated firmware on the PowerUp to allow NFC pairing.
    On another note, the Qi charging capability seems to have quit this morning. Restarted phone and PowerUp without success. Anyone have a similar experience and figured out a resolution?
  6. bowsback

    bowsback Well-Known Member

    Yes I paired my moto sliver bt headset with nfc
  7. cofer

    cofer Member

    My JBL does still charge the phone and Bluetooth works, I just dont like that the NFC doesn't work properly. The JBL seems to recognize my DNA as it turns on, and starts to pair bluetooth (blue light starts flashing). It's the DNA that doesn't respond by turning on Bluetooth and trying to pair.... frustrated....
  8. 02 Incredible

    02 Incredible Active Member

    ^ this...

    i went to two different VZW stores and tried to NFC pair to the PowerUp to no avail.

    the rep called tech support and handed me the phone. i went thru two people before one admitted that they tested the JBL with the Nokias and the Samsungs, but not the DNA. they then gave me HTC's support number and told me i should call them. i walked into an ATT store and the sales person simply walked up to the PowerUp with her Nokia and it immediately asked if she wanted to pair with the device.:mad:

    it is frustrating because one of the things that caught my eye with the DNA was the NFC capabilities. the ATT store had one Nokia DT 910 wireless charging stand (the standup style) and i bought it and have been playing with the NFC feature of it. it works 90% of the time, but there are times when the two arent "seeing" each other and i have to try a couple times before it works.

    hopefully future updates will clear this all up.....

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