NFL videos wont playSupport

  1. FirebirdStud

    FirebirdStud Well-Known Member

    Anyone get the videos on to play on their Droid X?

    I follow the NFL on Twitter, and when they post a link to a vid on NFL it doesn't play. It acts like it is loading, but then it says the video isn't available. I know the video is available because they JUST posted it.

    What gives??

  2. FirebirdStud

    FirebirdStud Well-Known Member

    is this because they are flash? I thought these phones had flash installed? If not, can I install it?
  3. dylo22

    dylo22 Well-Known Member

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  4. FirebirdStud

    FirebirdStud Well-Known Member

    I thank you for the answer, but Im still disappointed they dont work. So anyone know if there is an update on the way or are we just screwed?
  5. Magic 10

    Magic 10 New Member

    I just installed Flash 11 on my Samsung Galaxy tablet. NFL videos will not play however videos from MLB, NBA and NHL play very well.
    Is this NFL website problem? it doesn't look like it's hardware or software issue

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