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    Oct 25, 2012
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    Hey, I just bought this case, and I am really happy with it... Thought you guys would like to check it out as well. I got the simple leather one, but the Carbon version of it also looks quite nice .... anyways, here are my impressions so far (Positive)

    1. Handcrafted (explains the price)
    2. Sturdy leather which feels sweeet
    3. Minimal design
    4. Narrow straps, +1 for keeping the profile
    5. Closing flap falls nicely into place

    And my negative impressions so far :
    1. Not super functional
    2. No strong closing mechanism

    I conclude that this probably more interesting for people that value design/class over functionality (since there arent any extra features such as kickstand) but it is definitely one damn nice piece.

    Link to store: Cases



    Feel free to ask away!


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