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  1. 3d4ya

    3d4ya New Member

    Hey there!
    We've just started a small 3d model site which would be cool for your game development:
    We have free real-time models like this:
    and others:
    Developers always need model, so we try our best to make as many free model as we can and hope they might help you!
    New products are available every week, we kindly invite you to visit edited frequently to check them out!
    Sorry if you find it annoying.

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  2. irishgandalf

    irishgandalf Well-Known Member

    lol i saw the title and was about to flame you for advertising a pr0n site but then i read the post. Good job! Maybe a little to detailed for a mobile phone platform but they look well cool!
  3. phuthanvinh

    phuthanvinh Member

    look nice, did you personally make them ?

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