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  1. DougieFresh4U

    DougieFresh4U Well-Known Member

    When I go through my call log, there seems to be a 9 digit number using data. It can't be a phone number as it's not 7 or 10 digits. This seems to be going on all day. I need to know how to stop this and what could it possibly be that is causing this. Maybe an update? I did call pageplus and they were unable/didn't know to help me.
    I am on the $39.99 plan with 100MB of data using Motorola DROID X.
    Any help in explaining this data usage or what this number belongs would be great, thanks

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  2. UncleMike

    UncleMike Well-Known Member

    If I recall correctly, this is the way data use is normally shown. Try disabling data on your device temporarily to see if the data use stops. You can also use an app like My Data Manager to track your usage and get reports on how much data each app is using.
  3. SteveHebe

    SteveHebe Member

    I had this prob on my kids phones, never found a specific culprit. What phone do you have? I had this prob with HTC, but never as severe as this (45 min). My suggestion is find an app like Droid wall that can help you lock down your data use to bare minimum. Once you have stopped it, you can start opening apps one by one until you find the app or apps.

    PS the number is not of any real significance other than it is definitely data usage. also page plus can't help you identify it in any way.
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  4. DougieFresh4U

    DougieFresh4U Well-Known Member

    I rooted the phone and put titanium backup and Droid Wall on it.
    Not sure what apps are absolutely needed but I did freeze quite a few of them.
    My data use has gone down quite a bit. I'm gonna keep a watch on it but pretty
    much happy now :)
  5. pfoneguy

    pfoneguy Well-Known Member

    Did you ever resolve this issue? There is current PPC thread on HoFo that also concerns this, you might post your experience there.
    Verizon iPhone4: 5 cent Spurious Data Charges
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  6. DougieFresh4U

    DougieFresh4U Well-Known Member

    Well I don't if I would consider it resolved but 'Data Usage' hasn't
    been an issue over the last few months.
    After I rooted and locked down a few apps, stopped auto-updating
    I haven't been having seen 'spikes' in usage.
    Thanks for asking and info.:)

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