Ninja Kaka - Fruit Dojo: a game with surprise

  1. meatball

    meatball Member


    For a game on Android platform, Ninja Kaka - Fruit Dojo is so delicately made with surprisingly simple control.
    I never found a game for my phone like this B4 and it made my roommate WOW (finally

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  2. diS

    diS Well-Known Member

    Omg man!

    Awesome grafics and I looooove the game so much!!!!

    Thanks for posting it!
  3. JiMMaR

    JiMMaR Well-Known Member

    That's our (android's) version of fruit ninja ?
    Too bad it's 2.2 only :(

    Juicy and fruity, I WANT !!

    Edit: Just checked the market and seems that there is version for 2.0+
    in the free version it gave me a warning that I may face some performance troubles with I9000 (my galaxy S)
    One test was good so far
  4. bjordan

    bjordan Well-Known Member

    Runs well on my Evo. If it supported multitouch it'd be a little better. Nice game though.

    I'll probably hold off and see the official Fruit Ninja when it's launched. This is pretty solid though.
  5. sumsang

    sumsang New Member

    runs pretty well on my 2.1 phone
    i've bought the paid version~
    love this game~:p:p
  6. ingcorra

    ingcorra Active Member

    the demo crashes immediately on my htc legend....
  7. Kabukiman

    Kabukiman Member

    The app gave me a warning that I may encounter "serious performance issues" on my Droid X (2.1), but it seems to be running fine.
  8. walkinhotdog

    walkinhotdog Well-Known Member

    Force closes immediately on my htc hero 2.1
  9. club968

    club968 Well-Known Member

    This game is pretty cool. My daughter loves playing it....

    Works perfectly on my Nexus One (of course, that's why I bought a nexus one).
  10. diS

    diS Well-Known Member

    It has been updated.

    They said that they "Moved bomb like fruit".

    Don't exacly know what it means but I think it's good ? :p
  11. meatball

    meatball Member

    perhaps they have added bombs~nice~
  12. eleazar

    eleazar Well-Known Member

    Wow, great to see all these iPhone games being ported! :) Hopefully we'll keep getting high profile, high quality games! :D

    Oops, apparently this isn't a port? Either way, great to see a similar game with great graphics. :)
  13. MF DROID

    MF DROID Well-Known Member

    since the update the demo version dosent work proply now, it randomly quits the game and goes to "buy the full version" screen, anyone else having this problem?
  14. Kabukiman

    Kabukiman Member

    This happened after yesterday's update. It's a special fruit that, if you slice, it the game quits and takes you to the "buy the full version" screen.

    Obnoxious. Makes the demo kinda useless.
  15. diS

    diS Well-Known Member

    I sliced all the fruits of the demo for like 5 games and I didn't once
    encounterd that what you subscribe...

    Although I did update to the last version...
  16. RandomSanity

    RandomSanity Well-Known Member

    I've been experiencing this as well. What is the point in having a demo with playtime that ranges from 1 to 20 seconds. That's the longest game I've been able to play without it quitting to the buy the full version screen.
  17. JiMMaR

    JiMMaR Well-Known Member

    for some reason I find 2 versions in the market now (2 free versions)
    one is said to be for 2.0+ and the other is normal

    I wonder what's the difference , I installed both but they both look the same
  18. MF DROID

    MF DROID Well-Known Member

    what are the 'security loophole' & 'malicious code' comments about for this app, are the true?
  19. meatball

    meatball Member

    I don't think they're true
    only some poorly made games would contain those stuff
  20. mrmojoz

    mrmojoz Well-Known Member

    Force close on Moment.
  21. JiMMaR

    JiMMaR Well-Known Member

    The pro version is on a 50% discount now
  22. cr0wnest

    cr0wnest Well-Known Member

    Guys read the developer's blog, first post

    Ninja Studio Blog

    So those of you who are able to buy the game from the market but pirated it instead. Please have a heart and buy the game. After all, its only $1.99 for the time being. So do your part for the future of our platform!
  23. diS

    diS Well-Known Member

    They've nailed it actually...

    Everything they've said on there blog is spot on.
    I really hope they'll get google to see what's going on.

    I would happely buy apps and games but like they've said on there blog:
    "Android market only supports paid apps in 13 countries (Australia, Austria,
    Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain,
    Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States.) Since Google set this up,
    there is NO WAY for users from other countries to purchase games that are
    legal, even if those users are begging to give developers money. Piracy is
    sometimes the only option for people who live in those locations."

    And don't tell me you can get it legally in some other ways like
    emailing the dev and paying him that way when he sends you the file
    because he has to remember who bought the game that way and he has
    to send every update he makes to those persons which is an unbelievable
  24. JiMMaR

    JiMMaR Well-Known Member

    actually it's not quite true
    I don't live in any of the stated countries , but I have a rooted phone and using market enabler (or market access) I can fake my provider to something else (I usually go for T-mobile [US]) and get an access to all of the paid apps
    Google checkout accepted credit cards from my country , so that solved half the problem
    and I quote
    "A man who wants to do something will find a way; a man who doesn't will find an excuse." ~ Stephen Dooley, Jr.
  25. Kabukiman

    Kabukiman Member

    94% piracy rate on this game. And people wonder why we can't get Angry Birds or any PopCap games.

    The international sales thing is a part of the problem, but you're kidding yourself if you think users outside of the market's 13 countries total up to 94% of an apps userbase.

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