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Ninja Royale

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  1. BirdSpirit

    BirdSpirit Member

    I've been through 2 events so far playing Ninja Royale. I want to know if event points can be triggered by going through any mission or only the latest mission. For people who have already completed all the missions, do they have to do 6-3-7 over and over again to get the black treasure chest? Or could they go do another mission to save stamina? If they do a mission that requires less stamina, does the chance for getting event points decrease?

    I'm also having trouble getting Gumballs in the game. How do I do this? I can only get them through daily login. I don't see a button anywhere in the "Battle" tab that allows me to make a revenge request.

    If anyone else who plays this game could help me, that'd be great. Thanks!

  2. Fragranz

    Fragranz New Member

    You can do a revenge request only when someone decides to steal ur money when your training. Its completely random. Or if your lucky. Your friend can ask you to avenge them. That's how I've been obtaining those gumballs.. but I have a question myself. How can u obtain that dragon suit
  3. lsilversurferl

    lsilversurferl New Member

    You can obtain the dragon suit if you already gathered 1000 points. Huhu i think i won't make it :( Only almost a day left before the end of the event
  4. Scottybell

    Scottybell Member

    Hey quick question, I've picked up this game in the last 2 days. I did a daily challenge quest and ended up winning the echo helm and wings, but I can't equip them! It says I need to join the right clan, but I cant find it anywhere. Will that come later in the game? How do I unlock different clans? I've already got 2 of the armor peices. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. aezaen8

    aezaen8 New Member

    how do i do this? there seems to be no instruction
  6. Poepli

    Poepli New Member

    The clans are unlocked during the events (getting the clan suit), by obtaining points and scrolls dependeing on what kind of event it is. You can get clan items without joining or getting the clan suit.

    Dont know if the same clans show up later in the game but its smartest to get the gear and joining the clan during the event they show up at.
  7. Poepli

    Poepli New Member

    Is there anyone who have any tips to win fights? Is it more effective to just go nuts and slash all over the place or just try to slash when the opponent shows up? Why in the damage reduced some times? (when the damagepoints are blue). Is it possible to affect this? Some times the opponent counter attacks. What do you do to evade this? how do you know in forehand when the do this?

    Just a couple of things ive wondered about. Surely theres more things to bring up.
  8. Cwalton723

    Cwalton723 New Member

    I have been playing for a couple days. I have two questions for anyone reading. 1. I am doing the refer a friend thing. I did manage to recruit someone and was expecting that crimson comrodererie sword. How do I claim it? 2. What are you supposed to do with these bags of riches? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. dxpsi31

    dxpsi31 New Member

    you're supposed to sell the bags of riches and handful of might for zeny and dragon gems. As to the sword... I have no idea, I invited a friend today and haven't gotten anything. If you found out, please let me know.
  10. mszombie0

    mszombie0 New Member

    I have been playing this game for about a week and love it. Question is though I have some kind of friend cap and do not know why. If someone could help me with this that would be awesome.
  11. DwnToEarth

    DwnToEarth New Member

    I don't understand what it means when they give you a hint where you can hide your gear. I mean I understand it, but how in the world do you hide your gear in the gear screen. I don't get it.
  12. hongeee

    hongeee New Member

    wht is the fastest way to regain battle point??
  13. kindyno

    kindyno New Member

    I found my beginner's pack in the info screen by tapping the "backlog" banner on the upper left side.
  14. AthosXun

    AthosXun New Member

    Can anyone tell me how to use "Flash Step" when battling, in this game?

    I've search help topics, emailed mobage...can't find anything, anywhere. But I keep seeing it mentioned in the game.
  15. alfredjarry69

    alfredjarry69 Active Member

    You can acquire the monster fit if you already collected 1000 factors. I think i won't create it Only almost a day remaining before the end of the event
  16. ahmed 8

    ahmed 8 New Member

  17. elflrd23

    elflrd23 New Member

    I am having a problem with collecting the drums series i have the challenge but cant do it all drums are gray .and i cant find the group of them in my treasures
  18. ianglover2204

    ianglover2204 New Member

    As your level increases so does the amount of friends you can have
  19. ianglover2204

    ianglover2204 New Member

    I've had the same problem with other treasures but I've emailed them about it. Their reply was sorry we can't help. The only thing I can suggest is if you can remember what stage you got them from, replay those stages again
  20. rickgarcia

    rickgarcia Active Member

    Dont bother too much if u cant complete the treasure series, the rewards u get are lame anyway.
  21. Ryohaku

    Ryohaku New Member

    I have seen some player have more than 5 starr tooll but untilnow i dont know how to make it. Coz fusion just until 5star.
    Are there any one know how to maje it?
  22. dmob617

    dmob617 New Member

    I need some help, this is my 1st post. I am lvl 94 and whenever i have enough PT points and the girl pops up and tells u that u have won a "whatever" prize and go claim it at the prize gallery. i go to my prize gallery and its not there. i have missed out on so many clan suits and other cool items. the only items are available are: dorayaki's, cookie, bamboo-copte,jewel,and a yeti mitts. the next prize is a kangaroo head thing(black color) So whats wrong with my game? i uninstalled and reinstall and nothing. what do i do? why dont the prizes load in the gallery? my phone is a samsung galaxy s2 epic touch 4G. thanks
  23. rwon512

    rwon512 New Member

    Click leaderboard....prize gallery....items "available" then claim...items won from even bosses automatically go to ur gear or zen count etc
  24. bam317

    bam317 New Member

    Were do u find the drums like what mission is it on
  25. KotaMarchri

    KotaMarchri New Member

    Is anyone else having problems with the "Real or Fake" part of the Saizo battles? I know you're supposed to hit the real one, but most of the time when I do, it says ""so close" instead of "bullseye", even when I deplete his HP. Could someone please tell me what I'm supposed to do?

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