NMEA File and 1.5 SDK

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  1. abir.said

    abir.said New Member

    Hi everyone, I am using the new 1.5 SDK and I am trying to extract NMEA files but I failed:
    I tried to do this:

    Code (Text):
    1. C:\AndroidSDK\tools>adb pull data/misc/location/gps/nmea C:\Android
    and I got this error:
    remote object 'data/misc/location/gps/nmea' does not exist

    I am thinking that there is no such folder location.

    Please help me.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. PCTechNerd

    PCTechNerd Member

    you need to make sure to put a / at the beginning of the list. So it would be:

    adb pull /data/misc/location/gps/nmea C:\Android

    if that doesn't work, try the following:
    adb remount
    adb shell
    ls /data/misc/location/gps

    see if nmea is listed there. if not, go back one directory:
    ls /data/misc/location

    see if gps is listed there. if not, go back etc.. until you find where the directory starts.

    also, while in the shell, you can use cp to copy from one location to another:
    cd /data/misc/location/gps
    cp all nmea C:\Android
  3. abir.said

    abir.said New Member

    Thanks PCTechNerd for the response,
    I have searched the folders: location and gps but I found nothing.

    Maybe they have changed the names of these folders with this new version of the SDK.

    Does anyone has encountered the same problem?
    Does someone can help me.
    Thank you in advance.​
  4. Yoshi,Ishibashi

    Yoshi,Ishibashi New Member

    Hi, All

    I can find the way to get NMEA file after installing SDK1.5.
    If you hava the old version SDK1.0 that was installed in your PC, the way is running the old emulator.exe program. If you don't have that, you must install SDK1.0 in your PC.
    After running emulator.exe, you run CMD.exe and move to the directory of SDK1.0 tools. And you enter the command below.
    adb pull /data/location/gps/nmea .
    You can get the NMEA file in the tools directory.

    Thank you.

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