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no 3g are 4g afther installing 4.2.2 roms

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  1. tywoin

    tywoin Member

    its weird but when ever i flash a rom that is 4.2.2 i get no 3g our 4g, i can receive calls and make them even receive and send text but i cant get any use the internet our download apps our anything with my 3g or 4g network, the wifi works fine and i can use the internet over wifi no problem, i have tryed every thing i am currently on the midnight rom with 4.1.2 my phone is a virgin mobile galaxy s2:confused:

  2. Octahedron

    Octahedron Well-Known Member

    You can't use a jellybean touchwiz modem. You need to flash an ICS modem, like FL26.
  3. GalaxyS24g

    GalaxyS24g Member

  4. Octahedron

    Octahedron Well-Known Member

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  5. GalaxyS24g

    GalaxyS24g Member

    He said he is on Midnight... :D
  6. GalaxyS24g

    GalaxyS24g Member

    Have you figured it out yet?

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