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No 3g Help me!Support

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  1. lilkid4000

    lilkid4000 New Member

    Well ive had my kyocera rise for a while and no problems... but just 2weeks ago my 3g turned off and i dont know how to put it on and now i cant use the internet without my 3g i have a virgin mobile phone please help me anyone

  2. dibblebill

    dibblebill Well-Known Member

    Menu --> System Settings --> More Options (under "Network") --> Mobile and Other Networks --> Enable (check box)
  3. hellooo

    hellooo Member

    Is your WiFi on? If it is, you want to turn it off. 3G cannot work if WiFi is in the way. To turn Wifi off, go to the settings app, click on the actual word WiFi (NOT the slider). Now click on your Wifi name. Click "Forget". Now the WiFi signal bars on the notification bar should dissapear. Now slide the Wifi ON/OFF switch to OFF. Now the 3g icon in the notification bar should appear. If it doesn't, it may be because you don't have a good enough cell signal in your area in order for 3g to come on. I hope I helped...this is like my first post :)
  4. mikeca

    mikeca Well-Known Member

    Also if your settings are correct sometimes a battery pull (wait 30 seconds or so with the power button depressed for 10 seconds or more) will do the trick. From what I understand this gets all the circuits all cleared out.

    Has worked for me in the past. It's also possible that you are in one of those upgrade mixups that have caused a lot of people this type of problem. Do you get 3g in other areas?
  5. As of right now you have 3 options which equate to the following:

    1)Prior dial ##VIRGIN# and call them to make sure your MDN is correct otherwise no 3g

    2)Go to the market(obviously you cant will append formentioned in a bit) and download hidden menus.Go to testing,phone info,and make sure it says CDMA(PRL) nothing else otherwiae you will have problems equivalent to forementioned

    3)Push comes to shove call and request a replacement given under warranty.Back on one of my Intercept the internal antannea that precieves connections went out and have to do this


    Above is appended url for hidden menus

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