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  1. raabeye

    raabeye New Member

    I apoligize if this question has already been asked- I didn't find it in a search.

    My HTC One S on Cincinnati Bell Wireless used to have blazing fast data. Lately it had gotten real slow. Come to find out it is now only using EDGE data, and won't switch to 3G or 4G.

    I spoke with the Cin Bell rep, and he made a good point- some apps designed to save battery life may disable the High speed antennas to conserve battery life. He couldn't find any app on my phone that does such a thing, but recommended I do a factory rest just in case.

    I wiped my phone clean, but am still stuck on EDGE.

    My WAP also looks good from what I can tell, there is a few Cin Bell addresses in there.

    Any ideas? Thanks for your time!

  2. nickarli

    nickarli Active Member

    You aren't alone. I have never experienced 4G speeds and very rarely does it reach 3G. I checked the map on CinBell's website showed that the part of NKY where I live is covered perfectly.
  3. revs1227

    revs1227 Well-Known Member

    try this

    settings- (mobile network) -9network mode )- make sure "wcdma" (4g) or "auto" is selected not "gsm" (2g)
    hope tht works!

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