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  1. arady

    arady New Member


    I got a Chinese Google TV box called A6 HD-HYNUDAL and it comes with RK2918 chip.

    The problem is when I tried to set the output to HDMI, the screen became black and I had to reset the device.

    Anyway, when I looked at the options it turned out that the box only output @ 1080p. The problem is that my TV only support 720p.

    I searched here and found that some of these TV boxes support 720p. my question is; is there a way to make my box output at 720p?

  2. kkuiwong

    kkuiwong New Member

    Do you have the user manual to share?
  3. kkuiwong

    kkuiwong New Member

    Do you have user manual to share?

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