No ADB available is there ANY way to restore?Support

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  1. Tristanguy28

    Tristanguy28 Active Member

    So at this point I seem to be stuck because the phone won't boot far enough to have adb running.... PLEASE tell me I can get my phone back....

  2. Tristanguy28

    Tristanguy28 Active Member

  3. dcop7

    dcop7 New Member

  4. Tristanguy28

    Tristanguy28 Active Member

    Sorry should have mentioned been trying that to no avail as well I FINALLY got it to "START" to update by using the offline method found in that thread however it gets to 4% and just stops.... I've let it go for about 30 min so far...
    Since I can only access 2 "modes" for lack of a better word.... the broken android recovery (white box yellow arrow pointing to droid) and LG screen with two arrows going in a circle and words saying "Download is in progress. Do not disconnect cable." which one should I be on when I get it to start the upgrade?

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