No android market on my galaxy S!!!!Support

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  1. musab10

    musab10 New Member

    Hi all,

    I got the new Galaxy I9000. The Android Market icon is not there! I tried to get the applications from the, but it didn't help...

    Any idea please?

  2. PhoenixFx

    PhoenixFx Well-Known Member

    Is your phone from a middle eastern country ? I have seen some reports about those phones not having android market. Try a 3rd party app like appbrain or download your apps to a PC first and then transfer them to your mobile.
  3. musab10

    musab10 New Member

    Yes..It is from the UAE. I just came to know that the android market is not yet allowed here by law!!!What a disappointment!!

    They installed another software calle SliteME, but it is very slow and everytime I use it, it freezes.
  4. PhoenixFx

    PhoenixFx Well-Known Member

    I seriously don't understand what those countries have against having Google App market on a phone. :mad:
  5. Screener

    Screener Member

    I think appbrain only works if you have android market
    One more thing I think the law has nothing to do with it motorola has the market and HTC.
  6. JiMMaR

    JiMMaR Well-Known Member

    actually , only the UAE doesn't have the market
    all other middle eastern versions got the market, and the UAE version can get the market if you told the dealer that you want a market , seems like there is a code or something that reflashes the phone and get you a market (this info is from arabian forums)

    ATHOS_OM New Member

    i have the solution for that

    1- Backup all ur files and apps (after this I the device will be just like new device )
    2- Set the watch to 24 hours mode
    3- Dail this code
  8. yoyo87

    yoyo87 New Member

    hi , i have just tryed it that way and it didnt work, my phone was purchased in saudi arabia , and i had to do it this way i.e :
    then you choose XSG as mentioned, after this the phone will restart to factory setting, and after it reboot's, you should be able to see MARKET.
    hope this works for you all :)

    for people who can read arabic, this is the website where i got it from :-
  9. Ads88

    Ads88 New Member

    hi i have the same problem but on froyo 2.2 the code you gave doesnt work and is rejected. i need a code which will reset and give me android market please.thankyou
  10. ajith_20

    ajith_20 New Member

    hey guys.....i tried the *#272*HHMM# format but it didnt work for me....any idea....i want the android market...plz help...
  11. justiyad

    justiyad Well-Known Member

    I think the codes don't work on Foryo.
    Does anybody know if the ROMS here have the market enabled?
  12. rehngd

    rehngd New Member

    *#272*[IMEI number]#

    then chose "XSG". WARNING: be sure to back up your data as this will wipe the phone clean.

    the IMEI number is a long number can be found under Settings>About phone>Status
  13. Khuluod

    Khuluod Member

    hi all
    i have same problem. when i bought galaxy s, i expected to find android market. i feel like i have been deceived. why HTC mobiles in Saudi Arabic have android markert? i mean there is no real ban on android market. i tried the appbrain but it requires some process called "rooting" which will void the warrenty of device.

    can anyone know other safe way to download android market into my galaxy s?

    Best Regards,

  14. Khuluod

    Khuluod Member

    Salam everyone Again!!!

    I have just found it out how to download the ANDROID MARKET without wrecking a havoc whether using *#272*HHMM" or "#272*IMEInumber" Besides you are risking with losing the connection of your SIM Card or losing your personal data & files.. and God knows what else.

    All you need is to download the ANDROID MARKET (it's a genuine version as they said) in your PC from this link:

    Market 1.665.apk - - online file sharing and storage - download

    then send it via bluetooth into your Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. It is a piece of cake. I tried it and it turned out to success !!!!

    It is a sure-fire way to download the market without frustration. It is a free-stress way!

    Best Regards,

  15. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    No, but for phones to come with Android Market, they have to be specifically approved by Google, 'With Google', e.g. genuine Samsung Galaxy Ss intended for mainland China do NOT have Android Market, whereas my UK purchased Galaxy S does.
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  16. Khuluod

    Khuluod Member

    well i downloaded the android market from the link above, but i could not run any downloads of the apps there. And every time i try to download apps from the official website;it always pops out " there is no market account associated with this phone''. I guess u r right my phone must be approved by google.

    I try to see the point of buying an android phone without android market?!!!! :confused: it is just a farce !

    I am sure if i go to the supplier of my device, they won't do anything (not assuming responsibility is the best thing they can do):rolleyes:.

    sorry i was drifting away when i saw the link for the android market. The past two months i have been looking for a solution for installing the long-anticipated ANDROID MARKET!

  17. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    In mainland China, applications and games are distributed by the carriers rather than Google. Chinese Android phone are not likely to get the Market for the foreseeable future, probably on account of Google's knife-edge situation here. Also the Market would be quite limited for Chinese people, because the majority of applications are currently in English and European languages.

    Presumably it's a similar situation in Saudi Arabia, as regards distribution of content.

    Android itself of course has no restrictions on distribution, because it's F/OSS.

    Although my UK 'With Google' phone has the Market, I'm only seeing free NOT paid content here.
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  18. Mojito_DK

    Mojito_DK New Member

    I have the same problem with a Motorola DEFY - does anyone have a solution?

    I bought the phone i UK, but have got a Middle East model
  19. pietjuhhh1990

    pietjuhhh1990 Well-Known Member

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  20. Khuluod

    Khuluod Member

    Dear Mikedt

    Well.. i did what many suggested, transferring the regional settings into global ones: dial #*272*HHMM*. A list pops out, choose XSG. It works very well. I got the android market as same any other android phones can have (e.g. HTC Desire HD).

    By doing this, i lost the previous settings for 3G and MMS ( still we have no 4G). and i cannot do it by my self every time i tried to resort them. As SMS sent to me from STC (Saudi Telecommunications Co.)" the setting is not available for your phone. Please call customer care for information". I only rely on Wi-Fi. Anyways i must give them a call :D.


    Anyone who bought recently Galaxy S must update his/her firmware (from 1.2 update 1 into 2.2). Don't wait, download kies and update it. The experience is much better! Flash 10.1 can never be downloaded with 1.2 update 1.

    Must-have apps: Flash 10.1 to view online videos
    Yahoo Messenger Plug-in ( it has VIDEO CALLS and it is FREE :p unlike other android messengers)
  21. waelms

    waelms New Member

    Hi Khuloud;
    Tried downloading the app and installing it.. Didn;t work "App not installed" Any feedback. I Have Galaxy S 2.2


  22. Khuluod

    Khuluod Member

    Hey there

    Did u try to transform your regional settings into international ones by changing the hours set into 24 (HH:MM) and then dial *#272*HHMM#? A list will appear to you. Choose XSG, and wait for your phone to restart.

    Good Luck
  23. glendashang

    glendashang Member


    I just bought a samsung galaxy ace..and it doesn't have android market too.
    If i do the *#272...... Does all the SMS and contacts will be gone too? Cos in the forum after she do it then the 3G settings were gone..
  24. Khuluod

    Khuluod Member

    From Toronto I am responding you :)

    yes all your SMS and contacts will be gone ( the ones saved in your phone) but if they are saved in your sim card, they won't gone. and yes some of your pervious settings will go too (MMS OR 3G) because installing the android market will simply return your phone to Manufacturing settings ( it is like you just bought you phone).

    Best Regards
  25. glendashang

    glendashang Member

    Thanks for replying..
    I have another question. I dont know how to do setup my phone. Because everytime i take pictures using the cam, then after one day it will be gone in the gallery. Am not sure how to setup that all pics will be save on memory card.

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