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No App to SD function?General

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  1. MissZombie

    MissZombie Member

    I just got my Rush a couple days ago and a brand new 16gb micro sd card for it. However I became pretty upset when my phone wouldn't allow me to move my apps to my sd card. Anyone know why this is or if there's a way around it? Seems almost pointless for a smartphone to even have a micro sd slot if the user isn't able to move installed apps to it.

  2. lionrain

    lionrain Well-Known Member

    You could always root it, and then use titanium backup to force to the SD card. Otherwise I believe it is up to the developer whether you can move the app to the sd card.
  3. TrayDiva

    TrayDiva New Member

    i'm having the same issue...but your recommendation might as well be in a foreign language. How do i do these things if you don't mind can someone give step by step on how to do the titanium back up root thing plz
  4. MissZombie

    MissZombie Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will try it. Has it worked for anyone else?
    @TrayDiva: I'll try to figure out on Titanium and let you know .
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  5. jay6868

    jay6868 Member

    First, on the rush you have an internal SD card and ext. SD card, you have to go to your file manager and move your apps manually, it doesn't affect the operating of the app. Everything will work as usual.
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  6. double b26

    double b26 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tip.
  7. domdabears

    domdabears New Member

    I was disappointed to not see this option either.

    And I see some file manager suggestion. Where is the file manager? I have nothing named that.
  8. Etwizzy

    Etwizzy Well-Known Member

    It's actually Called My Files;)
  9. Etwizzy

    Etwizzy Well-Known Member

    And I see some file manager suggestion. Where is the file manager? I have nothing named that.[/QUOTE]

  10. Etwizzy

    Etwizzy Well-Known Member

    I didn't know that thanks for that
  11. Robertech

    Robertech Well-Known Member

    since /data/media and /mnt/sdcard are the one and same mount point, apps2sd is rendered obsolete.
  12. Robertech

    Robertech Well-Known Member

    the portion of the app that apps2sd would move is already on the card

    in fact, to test this, I just used titanium pro to move "angry birds star wars" and didn't gain a single Mb of free space in internal memory.
  13. itsthereefaman

    itsthereefaman Active Member

    I like apps. My phone is running out of space fast because of this fact. Do I need to learn how to live with only a few apps or can I utilize the big 'ol sd card I purchased in advance thinking I could use Droidsail?

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  14. Tesla5

    Tesla5 Well-Known Member

    If you have root, this app might work:
    Link2SD https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.buak.Link2SD

    Note: You'll need to add a partition to your sd card for the apps.. instructions are in the app description on Google Play.

    I haven't tried this, so I don't know if it works.. I just ordered my sd card from Amazon and is in the mail.
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  15. itsthereefaman

    itsthereefaman Active Member

    Ooh, I'm going to try this method later today. It sounds promising. What's the deal with the whole internal and external sd card anyway?

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  16. itsthereefaman

    itsthereefaman Active Member

    This helped a lot <a href='http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1432459'>http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1432459</a>

    Damn it, I tried to look really cool and do a hyperlink....oh well Link2sd works on my phone because of that thread up there.:rolleyes:
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  17. Tesla5

    Tesla5 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for testing!! I got my card then found out that I need a micro sd card reader for my PC.. I bought on Amazon and is on its way. I was wondering what type of partition you used and how big you made it.


    Edit: to add a link click on the globe icon with a chain on it above the text field
  18. itsthereefaman

    itsthereefaman Active Member

  19. itsthereefaman

    itsthereefaman Active Member

    2gb seemed to be the size of partition suggested in the thread that I read so that's what I went with. After researching I went with Ext2 because it seemed like a safe bet and thus far it seems like the right choice.
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