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  1. fllpbi

    fllpbi New Member


    When I transfer the videos from my Evo to windows 7 pc, there is no audio.
    If I need an Evo codec, where do I download that?


  2. Please do a search next time, this has been asked about 10 times in the past few weeks.

    Yes, you need an additional codec. But the easiest way to watch them is to download VLC Player (free) or just use Quicktime (also free). Its much easier then trying to explain how to locate and install a codec.
  3. unklefester65

    unklefester65 New Member

    Wow, how helpful! Someone has an issue and you get annoyed because you were asked a repeat question?

    How is this person to know you've been asked 10 times already? As for Codec installation , easy !..

    As a TECH I know I will be asked "what we may consider dumb questions". Some folks don't live day to day in the high speed technology world. As a result we get folks who will ask the location of the "ANY" key. I've learned to laugh it off inside without offending .

    Granted its frustrating to answer the same question over and over, we cannot assume people know where to search. :eek:

    Lighten up!
  4. isaemm

    isaemm Well-Known Member

    Well put! :D
  5. HAHA wow... And YOU are the one who is resurrecting a 9 month old thread just to post that? If you read the forum rules, people need to search for a question first. ANd if you read the rules, you shouldnt be resurrecting old threads unless you have SOMETHING IMPORTANT to say that DEALS WITH THE THREAD TOPIC.

    It's called Search. It takes less than 10 seconds to do.

    Actually, codec installation is quite difficult. You first have to find the right codec, and your file is likely to use more than one. Then you have to find one that doesnt have a bunch of crap-ware along with it. THen you have to install it, and configure it to work properly with your display/video card/audio device. Then you have to configure it to work properly with your video player software. Not an easy task for most people.

    And as a tech, it's your JOB to answer those questions. As a user of this forum, you must follow the RULES that you agreed to when you registered, and those rules tell you to search for a question before asking, to avoid hundreds of multiple threads with the same question.

    And I don't believe I offended the OP. I simply gave him a suggestion to search next time, as it would have been much quicker for him to find the answer he needed.

    Really? THere is a link to search in the rules, as well as a GIANT search bar on EVERY forum page.
  6. DroidDoctor

    DroidDoctor New Member

    Very nice and disrespectful lead in.

    KENNECTED Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums, DroidDoctor. :)
  8. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Please don't resurrect old dead threads only to quote banned members. I believe I will lock this thread so it can rest in peace. Amen. :)
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