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  1. alukard

    alukard New Member

    Ok folks i've searched high and low and it seems i'm the only one on the planet that uses a stereo bluetooth headset exclusively for listening to music on my phones. Shame cos' its very liberating.

    I recently aquired a HTC Desire froom T-Mobile UK and one of the first things i did was to pair the headset with phone. All went well up to the point of using it to liten to music and video(a2dp), alas that did not work.
    Making phone calls work, and strangely enough controling playback of media via the headset (avrcp), but no other audio routed through the headset.

    I tried a second a2dp headset and it was the same issue. They work perfectly on my other phones for years, the Desire is the first to have this problem.

    - So could it be T-Mobile or HTC forgot/screwed-up the a2dp profile?
    - Do i have a faulty handset? everything works well.
    - Am I doing something wrong somewhere? I went throught the user guide a few times just to be sure.

    Headsets used are: Jabra BT3030 and Nokia BH-503
    Both reliable for 2 years running, but if you can recommend alternatives then please do.

    Please fair citizens of Android forum, help. I cant go back to corded headsets, it's to me like garlic is to a vampire...hissssss!!

    Oh and Hi, its my first android and I hope its not my last. Thanks

  2. 400ixl

    400ixl Well-Known Member

    I use bluetooth headphones with my Desire and they are working fine. The headphones are Ericsson HBH-DS980's. Just paired them up, and use the inbuilt player.
  3. alukard

    alukard New Member

    What did you do to get it working?
  4. 400ixl

    400ixl Well-Known Member

    Nothing special, just paired them up.

    The only thing I have found is that the player needs to be the foreground app for the bluetooth controls to work. So if I have the music on, but also Co-Pilot running I cannot control the player with the bluetooth control (can still hear it though).
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  5. alukard

    alukard New Member

    I see.
  6. alukard

    alukard New Member

    no solution yet
  7. miles_t

    miles_t Member

    I have Jabra 3030 and they work with my desire. Do they pair? or are they not recognised before pairing.

    you have to hold down button for 10 secs till it goes solid blue before they can be paired ( i had forgot this) check out their website for instructions.
  8. geerten

    geerten New Member

    Alukard you're not alone.
    I have just received my HTC Desire from Vodafone Netherlands and I was able to listen to music over bluetooth just once.
    So it paired, it detected that the BH-503 has the Phone Audio as well as Media Audio service, the latter worked one time.
    After switching off and on the headset it always connects to the phone audio service, but never to media audio anymore.
    In Bluetooth settings of the HTC, when you press and hold the Nokia BH-503 you can see both "Use for media audio" as well as "Use for phone audio" checked.
    I have switched off and on bluetooth, the phone, unpaired and paired with music player started, with music player stopped, with WIFI switched off, but nothing helps.
    Today I used such a stupid knot of wires with earplugs again and I hated it...
    Did you or anyone else find a solution ??
  9. staz1000

    staz1000 Well-Known Member

    I have the SE980s too and they worked perfect first time.
  10. geerten

    geerten New Member

    It appears that the BH-503 only connects to media audio if pairing the headset is the first thing you do after switching on the phone.

    If you switch off and on the headset after this, it won't work.

    I thought that the issue may be that the media player should not be running, but that's not it. It seems that nothing at all must be running to get a succesful connection with media audio. Anyone else that has experienced this? Do other headsets connect with media audio again without resetting the phone entirely?
  11. 400ixl

    400ixl Well-Known Member

    My Ericsson HBH-DS980's work fine. Not had any issues connecting them up at all. Have multiple bluetooth devices connected and add / remove others with no problems at all.
  12. Markiz

    Markiz Well-Known Member

    GSMArena review also mentioned some issues with a2dp. they said it was not without problems. It seems it's random, from phone to phone.
  13. geerten

    geerten New Member

    Done a few things that made music working through my Nokia BH-503 headset on the HTC Desire.
    Not sure which made it working but it's this what I did:

    • Wipe all memory of pairing in the Nokia BH-503 by switching off, pressing multifunction key + volume up until led flashes red, green, blue 3 times
    • Pair the headset again, now it connects to phone audio as well as media audio (the latter may be connected a few secs later)
    Then, to disconnect and reconnect the headset

    • Never just switch off the headset while it's connected, but switch off bluetooth on the HTC first and then switch off the headset (not sure if this is really needed)
    • To connect: make sure bluetooth is off on the HTC, switch on the headset and then switch on BT on the HTC a little later (if I don't do it this way, the HTC will only connect to phone audio)
    Technically I would explain it that the Nokia headset is not ready to accept a media audio connection right away and the HTC gives up to soon trying to make this connection. So if you give the headset some time to "start" and only then switch on BT on the HTC it works.
    Would that make sense?
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  14. PJD

    PJD Well-Known Member

    I use Motorola HT 820 bluetooth stereo Headset with my Desire they paired up straight away
  15. engine360

    engine360 New Member

    Thanks for the suggestion geerten.

    I also found after a little experimentation, that if you still have trouble getting the media audio connecting after powering on the Nokia BH-503 headset, give this a try:

    • First, power the Nokia BH-503 headset OFF by holding down the phone button on the headset (you will hear a long beep to tell you of power-off and the LED stays a solid RED).
    • On the HTC Desire from your main screen, press the MENU button, then tap "Settings" on the pop-up menu on the screen.
    • Tap "Wireless & Networks" then tap "Bluetooth Settings"
    • You will see your headset listed under "Bluetooth devices" as "Nokia BH-503" and status as "Paired but not connected".
    • Power the headset back up again by pressing the "Phone" button on the headset, but keep holding the Phone button down for 5-10 seconds more (used to trigger pairing mode on the headphones). This is shown by a rapidly flashing blue LED on the headset, then tap the "Nokia BH-503" item under "Bluetooth Devices" on the HTC Desire's Bluetooth settings to trigger pairing.
    • The headset should re-pair with the HTC Desire and the status of the "Nokia BH-503" should change to "Connected to phone and media audio".
    A long winded way to get the headset to pair with the phone into both audio modes I know, but seems to work each time for me. Hope this helps others having similar issues. :)
  16. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    Worked good with the BH-503's i had for a couple of days (befoer sending them back because they destroyed my ears). Work even better with my backbeat 903's, the sound quality is really amazing. They auto connect when I turn on BT on my phone too which is good.
  17. stevemassart

    stevemassart Member

    I've been using the Motorokr S9 Bluetooth headphones on my G1 for ages and now my Desire, normally have to pair up but when I tried them with my Desire, it just automatically detected and paired with them. Had no issues since.
  18. Flagship

    Flagship Active Member

    Hi, i my country is yet to get the desire and i was wondering if anyone has tried pairing it with sony drbt50?
  19. Stony

    Stony New Member

    ok, i think i figured it out. i'm also a proud HTC Desire owner.

    I think it doesn't matter which is your foreground app, or how many times you paired/connected your BT device or in which sequence you do it, it's just a matter of time, you just have to be a bit more patient.

    First i thought i have the same problem, my Jabra BT3030 didn't always wanted to connect to media audio. Just connected to phone audio. Thats why i know of this thread. By "accident" i was starring at the screen long enough to notice that it actually did connect to media audio as well (3-5 seconds normally, sometimes a bit longer). It first says "connected to phone audio", waits and then it says "connected to phone and media audio". If you switch on your music player before media audio is connected, it woun't add it anymore.

    I'm now successfully using my Oakley Rokr Pro, Sony Ericsson MBS-100 and Jabra BT3030.
    With the BT3030 i do have to wait the longest thou.
  20. Thehatch03

    Thehatch03 Member

    I agree with Stony. I use altec Lansing beackbeat bluetooth headphones and when I turn on the blue tooth it says "connected to phone audio", waits and then it says "connected to phone and media audio". this usually occurs about 3-5 seconds after "connected to phone audio" has happened.
  21. gamorg02

    gamorg02 Well-Known Member

    sort of along the same sort of thing, when i switch between bluetooth headphones and just normal jacked headphones it won't work on the bluetooth ones afterwards. happened twice now, eventually the bluetooth worked the first time but now i can't get it to reset to the bluetooth. gonna try a few more things.
  22. gamorg02

    gamorg02 Well-Known Member

    it looks like unpairing and then repairing fixes that...
  23. jesus4c

    jesus4c New Member

    Thank goodness I found this thread! I too had been having the same problems with my Desire + Nokia BH-503 headphones, and had been searching high and low for a solution.

    When deciding on a phone, the ability to use my headphones along with all its features (A2DP, AVRCP) was number 1 on my list of considerations. So I was distraught when I couldn't get it to work properly!

    In my case, waiting a while after it connects to phone audio for it to connect to media audio doesn't work, and while pairing each and every time I want to use the headphones isn't ideal, it DOES work. And that's all that matters! BIG thanks to everyone here who figured out the solution!!

    I'm all very new to this, but now can't figure out how to voice dial from my headphones (or from my BlueAnt in the car, or from the Desire itself). Can it be done?
  24. petergl

    petergl New Member

    I'm having the same problem with the above combo - earpiece works fine for calls but can't get audio from Pandora to go through earpiece. Have adjusted all the settings, unpaired, paired again, etc. but nothing works. Have downloaded a few apps that seemed like they might help but so far no luck. Wondering if there's a problem with the A2DP profile?
  25. MemoPaul

    MemoPaul New Member

    ive got a g1 and a nokia bh 503 headset that for the first pairing did work really well.. the thing is that when i turn my bluetooth off, and on, it pairs correctly i mean phone and media get connected, and play some music using the built-in music player i dont get a shit of a sound.. but i can still talk and use the phone.. and the only way to take it back is by rebooting it.. after that for the first pairing it connects automatically and sound works.
    I was guessing around and tought it might be that android's bluetooth somehow keeps this pairing info in some bluetooth cache or something that only gets renewed when rebooted..
    any help there?

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