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  1. Caecilian

    Caecilian New Member

    This has only started to happen about a week ago.

    Firstly, I noticed that everytime I closed something to go back to my home screen (e.g. Facebook, A game, Browser) the white background with HTC in the middle would show up for about 3 seconds then a loading icon would appear for about the same time and then I would finally reach my home screen. It gets pretty annoying how it appears every single time I close something I was just on.

    I have tried: closing apps in the background (using an App killer); uninstalling some apps such as Games and even delete photos I have taken. Help would be much appreciated, as it is really getting on my nerves at the moment...

    But that is not the only problem. I also cannot access the page to get more widgets (Settings < Personalize < Widget) only the "Add widget" words would appear near the top with a black screen at the bottom. Not only that, when I click App (Settings < Personalize < App) the same thing happens but with "Add app shortcut" on the top. Mind you, when I click shortcut, that works. I have no clue why this is happening and it only started happening recently, because I could get widgets from this process before.

    Please help. I have tried to look for a solution everywhere but cannot find one.

    Oh yeah, I had ICS on my phone about 1 month before this occured.


  2. millview

    millview New Member

    Do you have live wallpaper running? Mt phone kept restarting in the same way, but I solved the problem by reverting to fixed rather than live wallpaper...
  3. micreed

    micreed New Member

    Did you ever get a fix to this problem? I'm facing the exact same issue right now. I've tried to remove the "live wallpaper" but that isnt fixing.


  4. Kruncha

    Kruncha Well-Known Member

  5. Caecilian

    Caecilian New Member

    Hey guys, I managed to fix this problem with two ways which I found were effective. The first way I did it was by doing a factory reset which dealt with the problem. Nevertheless, the problem did come back due to the fact I had the options to "to close apps aftering leaving them" (Settings<developer options and it should be near the bottom) ticked. I also found that keeping background process on standard also helped.
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