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No beats audio engineGeneral

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  1. floydsys

    floydsys Member

    Hello everyone,
    I've just bought a new hTC Sensation XE With Beats audio a week ago, it all works so great, But I've Noticed something yesterday,
    When I Plug In My beats audio headset ( That Came With The Phone ), NO beats Audio Icon is showing in the notification bar, & There is No beats audio Option available in the sound settings or in the sound enhancer :( :(.
    so I guess a software is missing?

    I Would be very grateful if anyone here helped me knowing whats the problem & how to solve it.

  2. Kruncha

    Kruncha Well-Known Member

    Does it say it has Beats Audio in phone identity?

    Settings>About Phone>Phone Identity.

    Also check the stock music player's options with other headphones if you have any (a lot of non-Beats headphones will work with Beats), to rule out faulty headphones.

    not sure what else to suggest as yet...

  3. floydsys

    floydsys Member

    In Model Number It say : HTC Sensation Z710e
    but On Mobile Cover There is beats Logo ,, So Is on its pack, & I also received a set of beats audio earsets. so I guess it has beats audio,

    I tried to contact hTC Tech. support, They Told me to try it in safe mode,
    I tried to go to safe mode, But it wont go,

    I switched the device off,, & back on with holding the volume down key, Nothing happened?!!.

    i don't know what to do next??!! :(
  4. Kruncha

    Kruncha Well-Known Member

    Under model number mine is 'HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio Z715e'

    Something is definateley strange here, maybe a Sensation in a Sensation XE case?
  5. floydsys

    floydsys Member

    Might be :( ,, that will be strange fraud, is there any way to check other than the model number?
    & how about the safe mode? do you know how to do that ?

    thanks for trying to help me Kruncha :)
  6. Kruncha

    Kruncha Well-Known Member

    Your welcome mate :)

    One of the things that is different between XE and Standard phones, is the battery size (not physical, just storage). Standard Sensation has 1500mAh, XE with Beats has 1730mAh, you can check your battery and it will tell you (i mean physically remove your battery and read it). Other than that you can check your processor clock speed:

    Settings>About Phone>Hardware Information - If it's 1.5GHz dual core then it's an XE, standard Sensations are 1.2GHz.

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  7. floydsys

    floydsys Member

    well, The Battery is 1730, But the CPU is 1.2 GHz!,, idk what kind of fraud is this?!.

    I'll go check with the re-seller today, see what he have to say!
  8. Kruncha

    Kruncha Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a plan, I hope you get to the bottom of it.

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