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  1. volleybear

    volleybear Member

    My laptop successfully paired with my MT over bluetooth, and I was able to send a file from my phone to my laptop. However, when I go to my laptop and try to scan for services (right clicking phone in device manager -> properties -> services), nothing shows up. Does anyone know why this is?

    I also tried connecting it with my brand new laptop, which supports bluetooth as well. They paired (passed all that pass code stuff) but this laptop shows the device as offline.

    My goal is to use my phone to stream music to my laptop (either one) through bluetooth.

  2. chilz

    chilz Well-Known Member

    some way u have to activate the phone like when connecting hardwired to a pc allowing it to be an open drive
  3. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    I doubt that your laptops bluetooth stack would support that, it can stream but it is capable of supporting the a2dp profile which is unidirectional, both your phone and your laptop are setup as transmitters not receivers, you're basically trying to turn your laptop into a wireless stereo headset which isn't supported by the profile.

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