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No caller idSupport

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  1. darksith20

    darksith20 New Member

    My phone just started this issue where it will not show the caller id with anyone that is calling my phone. Doesnt matter if they are in my contacts or not just says no caller id. I have looked into my phones call settings for a caller ID thing and nothing. I have been on the phone with straight talk for a couple hours and all they have said is they need to call sprint. And they havnt called me back. I have factory reset it and formated it using the hard reset method. I am at wits end.

  2. jshinn1914

    jshinn1914 New Member

    My wife's phone just did the same thing. 3 hours later... have to send the phone back and they are replacing it.
  3. maxpufz

    maxpufz New Member

    My straight talk precedent starred doing the no caller id thing yesterday also 3/19/13
  4. Prepaidguy9081

    Prepaidguy9081 Well-Known Member

    Go to AndroidArea51.com
    Find my how to cm7.1 guide
    Its dummy and noob proof
    Get caller id back
    Get 2gb app space
    Get longer battery
    Get extra ram
    Ect ect
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  5. Princess Pokie

    Princess Pokie New Member

    I had this issue after I activated my phone and called Customer Service, they did something on their end to fix it.

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