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  1. Why would Samsung do this?

  2. mavictb

    mavictb Well-Known Member

    because its not needed? a led flash only degrades picture quality. the included night mode or photoshop will add the light needed while retaining color saturation.
  3. My Samsung EPIC 4G (a Galaxy S phone) includes both a night mode and an LED flash. I should test picture quality in low-light conditions in night mode without flash to compare how they look.

    I'm also curious as to what shooting video in night mode vs. with the flash on is like.
  4. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    I'm really debating this phone! I had it up to my eye balls with vzw and at&t, and I get really good T-Mobile reception where I live and work. I tried out my friends Galaxy 4G and its much faster then my Fascinate. If it had a flash I would have made the switch already!
  5. wmikemon

    wmikemon Member

    Seriously, the flash isn't needed at all. I took a picture earlier tonight while popping out for a smoke...pointed it up at the horizon and snapped an awesome picture of the moon creeping over it. Flash is over-rated. Do some reading up...about the only thing an LED flash is good for is being able to use it as a mini-flashlight.

    This phone is awesome. Make sure you root it and get rid of the Bloatware (Which EVERY phone has) and move your apps to your MicroSD. Really the only issue with this phone is the small amount of internal storage...but there are easy ways around that. As far as the speed and functionality of the device it's notch.
  6. The Photoshop app works wonders! An LED flash would have been nice to use as a flashlight still since it's brighter than the apps that utilize the display. That, a dedicated camera button and a notification light would have made this an A+ device. I give it an A- losing points due to the lack of an LED flash, notification light, dedicated camera button, and the large amount of bloatware.
  7. mikemeyer

    mikemeyer New Member

    Open your camcorder and turn the flash on..... come on people think outside the box
  8. There is no flash on this device.
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  9. Sarah_Hawk

    Sarah_Hawk Member

    I don't see the big deal. I haven't needed flash, my pictures come out just fine without it. A front facing camera is 10 times more important to me than flash on the camera, so I'm happy.
  10. cazwell220

    cazwell220 New Member

    All things being equal... I would prefer to have a flash.

    It's a feature, plain and simple.

    If you take a picture with the flash and feel it's washed out, take another one with the night mode instead then pick the picture you like best. Rarely is it impossible to re-take a picture... Just tell everyone to keep smiling while you snap a second pic.

    If you need to see something in the dark and have a flash on your camera to use as a flashlight... how can this be seen as anything but a handy feature? Having a flash doesn't make the phone any bulkier and doesn't cause any reliability issues.

    Flash = Good, even if it's useful only once in awhile.
    No flash = No choice at all, which is sucky.

    I def feel that Samsung should have included a flash on this phone, it's a shame really. Either way, I will be using the Galaxy S 4g until the S2 comes out. :D
  11. I might use the Sidekick 4G instead. That also doesn't have a flash (Samsung really needs to get their act together), but the presence of a QWERTY board is more important since I will use that on a daily basis. I have a feeling that the U.S. S2 variants will launch around July/August/September anyway.

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