No charging animition when not fully booted

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  1. OptimusG

    OptimusG Member

    Hi everyone!

    Got a very small problem i rooted/flashed my LG-OPV using this guide(below)and now i don't get the charging animation for when the phone is not fully booted up

    I.e) say my phone dies on me,(gamer)when i plug in the charger cable it has to fully boot up to start charging, it skips the step where it shows just the dead battery charging from from red to green.

    <( ll)> <--- looks like this(im bored lol)

  2. yogi-4

    yogi-4 Well-Known Member

    With Gingerbread ROM's, charging the phone while it is off is not an option now. If you turn your phone off and plug it in, it'll automaticly turn on the phone. I just turn the ringer off when I charge mine. No biggie.

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