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No connection message for android marketplaceSupport

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  1. NVK

    NVK New Member

    I have a LG-C660 (Optimus Pro) smartphone. I have been using Idea GPRS to access the internet for some time now. For the last two days I have been facing a peculiar problem. I can access the internet from the default browser. However, android apps don't seem to get internet access. Android market, for instance, continuously says No Connection Try Again. Twitter app also says can't get tweets at this time. The in-built GMail and GTalk apps also can't access the net. However, I have been able to log on to gmail and twitter via the internet browser on the phone. What could be the problem here?

  2. ideacellular

    ideacellular New Member

    Dear Sir,

    We request you to kindly provide us with your ten digit Idea mobile number for further course of action.

    Regards, Ideacellular

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