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  1. sheefo2k

    sheefo2k Member

    After the update this has been happening a lot. My phone randomly will not connect to the internet, market, appliations using the internet and maps etc

    I get this message and simmilair messages to it

    "A network error has occurred. Retry or cancel and return to the pervious screen" - this one from the market

    "for some reason the application is currently unable to establish a connection to our servers. please try again later." accuweather :(

    Browser... Wont finish loading and then will time out :(

    All of this happens when on EDGE, i haven't seen the phone do the error messages on g3 yet?

  2. ram100987

    ram100987 Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem and the only thing that finally fixed the problem was to go into settings and do a factory reset... sux, but atleast I have data working again. Didn't take too long to download all my apps again and fix the settings. Atleast my contacts and pics are intact since they are not on internal memory.
  3. roddoyle55

    roddoyle55 Member

    I am having the same problem with 3G and Edge connecting to the web. I live in Phoenix,I called T-mobile and they said they have tower outages,she some how switched towers near my work and i was able to connect. At home i use wifi, i take the bus to work and i watch the 3G come and go. I think t-mobile has alot of work to do on 3G coverage and edge does not seem to help much on the G1.
  4. sheefo2k

    sheefo2k Member

    I agree with you 110% today things seem to be better and I haven't done a reset or anything yet. I wont do a reset, i ll continue testing and see what happens.
  5. roddoyle55

    roddoyle55 Member

    my phone is getting better connecting also. I love my G1. Cant wait to see games as good as the ones i just saw on a iphone commercial.
  6. sheefo2k

    sheefo2k Member

    final update on the edge situation.. Its working fine but now i will do a reset because I want to delete my text messages and it ikeeps crashing when i delete a thread or every thread lol.

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