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  1. Rhombuss

    Rhombuss Member

    Just bought an HTC Magic, running Froyo 2.2 (via Cyanogen). My old phone was a SE W580i, I kept all my contacts on the SIM card. Popped the SIM card in the Magic, everything works, but the contacts are empty. I tried to import contacts through the SIM card, but it gives me a message saying "No contacts on your SIM card".

    I popped the SIM card back on my old phone, and the contacts show up. Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Jay-Eff

    Jay-Eff Well-Known Member

    I had the same phone before getting my Lg eve.

    My provider had to give me a new sim card because my other one was too old and would not perfectly work with the new smartphone.

    If you are sure that your contact are on your simcard you can try copying them on the old phone, go to your provider and get a new sim activated, or the one that came with your new phone, and copy your contact on the new sim card.
    Then, take the new sim card from the old phone to the new one.
  3. Rhombuss

    Rhombuss Member

    Hmm...that's interesting. My SIM card is pretty old, from about 2.5 years ago. Is it a known problem that non-3G SIM cards can have this problem on Android phones?

    Also, I'm experiencing random reboots of the phone. Would that also be a result of an old SIM card?
  4. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    You should also be able to transfer contacts via a PC. If you can get them into a CSV you can import the CSV into your Google Contacts.
  5. Rhombuss

    Rhombuss Member

    That's a good idea, at least I'll have my contacts back.

    But back to the previous question, are there any known issues with older generation non-3G SIM cards?
  6. Jay-Eff

    Jay-Eff Well-Known Member

    The rep told me that the internet may not be as fast as it would be with the new sim card.

    I think somebody else here was having the same issue with a Acer liquid with no contact on the sim card.

    Get the new sim install so you can scratch that item from the potential trouble you may get. :)

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