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No-Contract Android = Awesome

Why wouldn't you switch to Straight Talk for no contract Android?

Poll closed Dec 28, 2011.
  1. I don't like the Samsung Galaxy Precedent

    0 vote(s)
  2. I'm stuck in a contract w/ another major carrier

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  3. I don't like and/or recognize Straight Talk as a brand

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  4. I am switching and saving!!!

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  1. JackLan

    JackLan New Member

    Does anyone have a reason I shouldn't get the Straight Talk Samsung Precedent? It is in the Galaxy family and only $150 and doesnt require a contract or a credit check. Am I missing something here? Sounds like a killer deal at $45/mo unlimuted everything including data...Goodbye Verizon!!!

  2. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums, JackLan!

    I've never owned a pre-paid phone or used the service but I would assume coverage would probably be the biggest factor when considering a pre-paid service. I think if you have good coverage for that particular provider then go for it.

    Anyways, I hope you enjoy your new smartphone.
  3. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Welcome! Glad you're a member! :)
  4. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    Jack, welcome to the AndroidForums!

    If its a good phone for you (I'd get some hands-on time with it, first) and it fits in your budget, I'm sure its a great deal.

    My boss has an Intercept on Virgin Mobile and has the same stuff you quoted about. Its a great deal :).

    Cheers and glad you signed-up!
  5. CharlesPreced

    CharlesPreced Member

    I have the droid from strait talk. If you get good coverage from sprint in your area then go for it. The phone is great and like you said 45 bucks a month. I however have sad sprint coverage and am looking to flash to another network now other wise I will have to drop the service and not use the droid....I know that goes against everything this forum repersents. If there is anyone that has some info on flashing cdma providers I would like to hear it.
  6. JHAWK1122

    JHAWK1122 New Member

    OK Little confused several Prepaid Dealers now state prepaid can be used with any phone in the US. I recently purchased a unlocked rooted Droid 3. However when I try to use it with Red Pocket H20 or Simple I am still directed to "Welcome to Verizon Wireless" None of the prepaid aps logos show up near the bar screen and when I try to place a call I am also directed to Verizon! Help! I am going crazy trying to figure this out!!!! Simple says take the stupid out of your smart phone but how do you do this?

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