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  1. blackskydave

    blackskydave New Member

    So I have Ice Cream Sandwich on my droid4 and occasionally use the voice to text function to swear at my friends, make political or religious commentary and tell dirty jokes. Talked to Verizon and Motorola and it appears there is no box to uncheck to uncensor the voice to text feature as in earlier versions. What the f***? Are Google, Motorola and Verizon now the speech or etiquette police? Where are our godd*** rights of free speech. I think we outta protest and such. Is there a workaround for this problem? I call Bulls***! Ah,. f*** it. BTW, for the censor to replace letters a-holes ("*") doesn't prevent anyone from being able to know exactly what you are saying, it just becomes blunt and looses impact.

  2. madmax988

    madmax988 Well-Known Member

    I haven't updated my d4 to ics yet, but my Droid 1 went back and forth on this almost every time it got an update. It seems like google maybe hasn't decided what curse words i'm allowed to say yet.
  3. Droidxxxxx

    Droidxxxxx Well-Known Member

    Mine understands my cuss words..all of
  4. bootherp

    bootherp New Member

    i have a droid 4 also with ics and i found out how to turn that shit off. go to settings, language & input, scroll down and tap voice search, then uncheck the "block offensive words" box. that should do it.
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  5. red1951

    red1951 Member

    Thanks for the tip!

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