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    Sep 25, 2012
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    Hello everybody,

    I've been using EVO V for almost 2 months now and I started having serious problems. When I first got it 3G/4G and everything else was working perfectly. Then about a month later, 4G stopped working. I can turn it on; but scanning doesn't find any available network. By the way I am living in DC and coverage map shows pretty good 4G and 3G coverage around my place.

    I was fine with just 3G; but last week my data connection completely died. When I look at the phone info using *#*#4636#*#*, I see the network type as EvDo.rev.A, GSM in service and GPRS disconnected. I kept getting error 67 while phone tried to connect to data network.

    I tried calling customer service, they tried many things including resetting network settings and factory reset, and nothing fixed the problem. I wish I didn't do the factory reset because call/text worked fine until resetting the phone. Now as everything is reset, I need to do Update Profile to connect to network and activate; but I can't because data connection is dead for some reason. So call/text/data all dead now.

    I read that rooting can fix some network problems. Is my problem sound like it can be fixed by rooting, or is it a hardware problem so I have to wait for a replacement?


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