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  1. Triumphman

    Triumphman New Member

    Hello all, At the start of the Thanksgiving break, my 3G cut out. I didn't care too much because I was at my grandparents and they live in a dead zone. However when I came back home I have received no service for a week anywhere.

  2. mhlsilverdale

    mhlsilverdale Well-Known Member

    Did you try and reactivate your phone? (I know it's a pain to have to put the stock ROM back on).

    My MT 3G stopped receiving after about 10 months and I sent the phone back on warranty. VM will get a new phone to you quickly (mine took two days). You can hang on to your old phone until the new one arrives, then just swap it out on their website.
    Since you're running CM-9, you should be back up in about 10 minutes after flashing and restoring your nandroid backup.

    I completed the entire transaction with VM by using their contact point on the website and never actually talked to a representative.
  3. mundane24

    mundane24 Well-Known Member

    quick airplane mode toggle off and on? reboot phone? sometimes these tricks revive 3g on ur phone.
  4. rcsrich

    rcsrich Well-Known Member

    Do you have a nandroid from before the data hiccup? Backup your user app data, flash the backup & see if your data seems ok, if so, then restore the most current app data...
  5. mundane24

    mundane24 Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing you're probably asking the OP and not me. :p
  6. tmicrd68

    tmicrd68 Well-Known Member

    For the op have you gone to settings> wireless& networks> mobile networks & seen if data enabled box is checked? Sounds silly (and simple) but i've had this issue happen before when switching roms, after random reboots & even for no reason. On beta roms sometimes s** t happens
  7. rcsrich

    rcsrich Well-Known Member

    Oops- yup...:eek:
  8. Allaneato

    Allaneato Well-Known Member

    I've had VM service 50% for 8 weeks. 35 emails with support, etc... "it's a network issue". (not a phone issue). They're draining my credit in my account and doing nothing about it. Lesson: NEVER pay ahead your Virgin Mobile account! There's no incentive for technical support.

    Best I can guess and tell, it's related to Sprints LTE migrations and nothings going to change.

    I'm looking for an unlocked GSM phone for choices between Straight Talk, TM or ATT. The Triumph was a waste of money.

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