No Data In Go Store For Go Launcher Ex

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  1. lkrause

    lkrause Well-Known Member

    When I check for more themes in Go Launcher Ex, all of a sudden if I click on the Go Store icon it tells me OOps There is no data to display now. You can try to enter it again after return, to reload data. This has been happening for a couple of days now. I can access the Play Store with no problem to look for themes and stuff but all of a sudden the Go Store doesn't have any available data. Just wondering.

  2. TigerGirlDSM

    TigerGirlDSM Member

    Me, too. I think it started after I downloaded launcher hd, but I'm not completely sure.
  3. wisperwill

    wisperwill New Member

    I wasn't able to connect to the Go Store when I was on my college campus wifi, but I was able to connect when I used the data for my phone. Try connecting with phone data and with wifi. I wasn't able to connect to the Go Store eihter way the other day though.

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